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  1. wsmith1978

    Best memories from your first trip?

    I'm a really sentimental person, and honestly one of the best experiences of my entire life was my first trip to WDW in 2009 at the age of 30. Never went as a kid, my parents couldn't afford it. I never even had much of a desire to go. But my husband and I decided to take a vacation and...
  2. wsmith1978

    The conundrum of missing WDW

    I find it equally comforting and heartbreaking to listen to park music when I don't even have a trip booked. LOL It's like I'm desperate to find that connection but listening to it goes way beyond just painting a mental picture, it actually takes you there, to the sights, smells, sounds, and...
  3. wsmith1978

    May 2015

    Honeymoon scheduled for May 3-13, 2015. What kind of weather and crowd levels can we expect? This will be our first non-February trip :)
  4. wsmith1978

    Music played on buses from park to resort

    Does anyone know where I can find the music they play on the bus back to your resort? Specifically, I'm looking for the music they play on the way back to the Wilderness Lodge. The best way I can describe it is sort of indian/tribal music with flutes. I desperately need to hear this! LOL
  5. wsmith1978

    Remembering SpectroMagic........

    How about sharing a little love for the best parade EVER!! :) I was only privileged enough to see this a handful of times. My first trip was 2009, and it was literally the first thing I saw as we entered the Magic Kingdom on that wonderful February night. I'll never forget it. And for this...
  6. wsmith1978

    Countries added to World Showcase

    Forget logistics... Let's say space and resources were unlimited - what countries would you like to see added to World Showcase? Ireland Australia Egypt Mainly because I'll probably never visit the actual countries in my lifetime. ;)
  7. wsmith1978

    Trip Report - To Infinity And Beyond!!

    **EDIT** CRAP!! First, I post this under an account I never use, then I post it in the wrong section!! Could someone please move it? I'm sorry, my brain is obviously still in Mickey Mode. I have so much to cover, so this may jump around a bit, as I don't want to forget anything! Just got...
  8. wsmith1978

    There should be a Disney alarm app for iPhone!

    I want Mickey to tell me to wake up every day on vacation :p
  9. wsmith1978

    Your Refurb / New Attraction Wish List

    This is a place for centralizing what you'd like to see done to the parks, in terms of upkeep, refurbs, and new attractions. Not intended to be a list of complaints. And I think we should list these ideas/wishes in terms of things that might actually happen, not radical changes or additions that...
  10. wsmith1978

    Healthy Quick-Serve Options?

    For our trip next month, we opted for the Quick Serve Dining Plan, rather than the Deluxe, which we've always used in the past. So, that means 2 counter service meals per day. In the past, I was never concerned about eating desserts and whatnot, but after losing a bunch of weight this past...
  11. wsmith1978

    Mary Poppins Blu Ray

    Why isn't this movie out on Blu Ray yet? Maybe they're waiting until next year, for the 50th anniversary?
  12. wsmith1978

    Electrical Water Pageant

    Let's appreciate this overlooked, underappreciated show! I feel like a lot of people don't even know about it, or they see it and don't pay much attention to it. I know it's not a big deal... just some floats that light up and flash in sync with some cheesy music, but we absolutely adore it...
  13. wsmith1978

    Something special in store for our next trip!

    My partner and I are returning to Disney World in February, for our 5th trip in as many years. Last month, we sent a letter to several key players at Disney, including Meg Crofton, expressing our love for Disney World, how much it means to us, how much we love the Wildnerness Lodge, and our...
  14. wsmith1978

    February 2013 - Magic SCRIMdom?

    Is it safe to assume that most, if not all, of the exterior refurb jobs are complete in the park? I'm hoping that all of this was done in anticipation of the New Fantasyland opening, and that this coming February won't be a repeat of last February - scrim city! Thought? :)
  15. wsmith1978

    Walking for Diabetes

    Hi Everyone! I hope nobody minds me doing this... I am doing a 5K Diabetes Walk at the end of this month, and I'm hoping that some of you might be able to spare a few dollars to donate for a great cause! :) I'm very close to my goal, and I'm exhausting every outlet I can think of. If...
  16. wsmith1978

    Who has witnessed "The Kiss Goodnight" in MK?

    Is it worth sticking around for? I've been there 4 times and just now found out about it! LOL At what point does it happen? Right at park closing or shortly after?
  17. wsmith1978

    The goofy ways that WDW has changed your life

    For my partner and I, our first visit in 2009 changed our lives forever. We miss it ALL THE TIME when we're not there. We LIVE for that trip every year since. We text each other a lot, throughout the day, and we've learned to express our excitement and love for WDW in short phrases... slang, if...
  18. wsmith1978

    Is it worth it to get the dining plan if...

    My partner and I only eat a small breakfast (muffin or oatmeal, coffee, juice) and counter service for lunch and dinner (we'd only need 1 dessert per day)?
  19. wsmith1978

    Best form of contact?

    What's the best way to send correspondence to someone at Disney World? I'd like to send them a letter, telling them how much I love my experiences there, and I don't really want it to end up with 1000's of other letters that may or may not even get read. Is there some sort of special, secret...
  20. wsmith1978

    February 2013 trip

    Starting Wednesday, you can book trips for 2013 on the Disney World website. Do you think this is a good idea, or should I wait for some deals to be announced? If a deal comes up later, and I've already booked my trip, will they still honor it?
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