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    Any tips for using in park wi-fi?

    Visited during the week after Thanksgiving. This was my first time trying to use the MDE app in the parks. We don’t Have a USA phone plan. I had hoped to just be able to use the guest wifi, but could only get weak signal wherever I went. I have an iPhone 5 and my wife has a 7. We had no issues...
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    Trip Report Scrub Country, Kingdom, World

    I don’t really remember the first time I saw Walt Disney World. I must have been in kindergarten, ‘67 or ‘68. My dad had an elderly friend named Tom Bronson, a distant cousin of Irlo. Tom wanted my dad to drive him out to a piece of family property that had been sold off to a company that was...
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    I wonder are elephants visible from Pangani Trail? My wife is pretty keen to take our elephant loving 5 year old to AK so she can see elephants... it’s her thing. Where else beside Kilimanjaro Safari can elephants be seen? Asian elephants? Can they be seen from the wildlife express train?
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    What sounds do you hear in NFL?

    (Edit: New FantasyLand. I suppose it should have been FantasyLand Expansion. My apologies to the The National Football League fans.) I'm not talking about background music but sounds whether from attractions like the bell on the riverboat in Liberty Square or from speakers like the village...
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    How to Un-Commando the Disney Vacation?

    An interesting series of comments came up on another thread pertaining to Disney's perceived loss of sophistication. One of the thoughts was that Disney needed to de-commando the parks by eliminating FP, ADRs ect. How do you force yourself and your family to slow down and enjoy the little...
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    What happens to info collected on Spaceship Earth?

    It occured to me that the simple survey conducted aboard Spaceship Earth amounts to a daily snapshot of people's concerns going forward. I realize that many people may ride multiple times to see themselves in different futures, but the trends of how people answer the questions might be quite...
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    Gluten Free at POFQ?

    Hi, first up thanks to everyone for putting up so much great info on this forum! Does anyone have relatively recent experience with the Port Orleans food courts and gluten free choices? I know Disney is very good about accomodating dietary needs and have made my ADRs and noted our needs on...
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