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  1. jt04

    The Future of APs, FPs, Apps, CPAs and Free Parking

    Formulating ideas as a thought experiment for keeping WDW prosperous and better than before the troubles. Not meant to be bullet proof. Mostly stream of consciousness ideas and brainstorming. Because why not?
  2. jt04

    One Man's Dream Relocation

    Short and to the point. Move OMD to Tomorrowland. Put the History of 20th Century Fox/Studios in the vacated museum and theater. Sort of a Great Movie Ride-esque presentation without ride vehicles. Maybe even live performers. Just a rough outline. Feel free to add details.
  3. jt04

    Future 'World Showcase'

    It was being discussed earlier about if grandstand seating will be necessary around the World Showcase Lagoon. I am of the opinion it is inevitable. Each country could have themed seating sized to what that land can handle. Some may be small sections others larger. But each could be fastpass...
  4. jt04

    SW:GE Prologue

    Per Martin, management is concerned about crowding at DHS once Star Wars Land opens. Post your quick fixes here that can be accomplished before or shortly after the deluge of fans arrive to help make things more manageable.
  5. jt04

    If I could relocate an attraction at WDW......

    Don't forget the whys and wherefores......
  6. jt04

    Armchair Imagineering-Hyperloop Edition

    Seems like a system that joins the M:S pavilion to KSC could work. The same system could transport WDW guests taking a Disney Cruise split vacation from a parking garage built on the employee parking lot at Epcot to Port Canaveral.The same system could be routed to the new intermodal facility at...
  7. jt04

    Here's your haunted backstory

    If spirit74 is right … I would convert the Diamond Horseshoe into the Haunted Horeshoe. Reconfigure the facade to face the HM. Upstairs lounge and TS restaurant with large Windows. Downstairs QS. Backstory is that the horse of the Headless Horseman loses a horseshoe on a journey...
  8. jt04

    "2019 and beyond......."

    http://www.investopedia.com/news/goldman-sachs-adds-disney-conviction-buy-list/ As I have been saying for about a decade.
  9. jt04

    The Final Frontier...........Land

    1. Finish Liberty Square as originally designed 2. Move the riverboat closer to Splash Mountain and park it 3. Convert the Diamond Horeshoe into a new Club 33 4. Move the Country Bears over to the Wilderness Lodge lobby or a restaurant at the resort 5. Remove all western theming from Diamond...
  10. jt04

    WDW Made Solvent Ideas

    In order to once and for all solve the cash crunch at WDW, I propose the following.... After SWL opens convert Star Tours into a Hogwarts Express type portal. Upon exiting the updated experience, you will be hustled to enclosed fully themed transports by rebels. Then you will proceed to a new...
  11. jt04

    Fire & Ice

    IoAs dueling coasters rumored to be replaced by expanding Potter theming. Those coaster would look nice at Sea World. Really a no-brainer for Uni to take these out. Once the queue was lost there really was no long term reason to keep them. The Sinbad show should go too for the same expansion...
  12. jt04

    Future Monorail 2021

    With all the work happening at TTC Etc, a thread seems necessary for ideas about the future of the monorail system. A dedicated resort monorail for resort guests would be ideal IMO. Basically it would be a system for MK resort guests and those with resort dining reservations. All riders would...
  13. jt04

    Electric Ocean

    Best potential idea out of SW since the boutique park IMO. Personally think they could add a major element every year and have this be the organization's equivalent of Disney's MSEP from a historical perspective within a few years. The potential of making it a year round feature. :greedy...
  14. jt04

    Orlando Business Journal Breaking News

    So yeah, seems something is afoot at Uni. Anyone know more? Have bulldozers been sighted?
  15. jt04

    Future West Side

    Wondering about the latest rumors. NBA or DQ, Bongos, AMC, HoB, new district to the west, new garage, bus terminal......Etc.
  16. jt04

    Tomorrowland's Future

    Bring back Adventures Through Innerspace. With new tech of course.
  17. jt04

    Brightline in 2017!

    http://www.allaboardflorida.com/ It is happening. :) Hope this is the right forum.
  18. jt04


    http://www.thestreet.com/story/13460285/1/disney-dis-stock-up-on-positive-analyst-note.html?puc=CNNMONEY&cm_ven=CNNMONEY Future at WDW IS CLEARLY looking bright.
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