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    Rumor OBJ reports that Disney may move some of its divisions from California to Orlando

    It is behind a paywall, but the report suggests that some parts of the business that are currently on the West coast may move to Orlando in response to the continued shutdown in California. https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2021/01/08/disney-may-move-some-la-divisions-to-orlando.html
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    Photography gear trade-in experiences/reviews

    I've been looking at various ways of selling old photography gear, and thought it might help others to share any experience. I just sold a Canon 7D and some lenses using mpb.com. It actually went surprisingly well. The online quote offered slightly more than I could find at bhphoto or Adorama...
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    News Disney wins legal case against Orange County property appraiser

    Walt Disney World has won a case against Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh over the tax bill for Yacht and Beach Club. The ruling looks like it may cause many resorts throughout the area to request reassessments, and Disney has already said that it will have all of their resorts...
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    Walt Disney World Annual Pass closure period extension watch

    Thought it might be useful to have a thread for monitoring Annual Pass extensions/changes. My WDW Annual Pass expired 4/28/2020 during the closure, and has now disappeared from My Disney Experience.
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    The things kids say at Walt Disney World

    Thought it might be fun to share some of the funny things the little ones say at Walt Disney World. I'll start with my 3 year old approaching Spaceship Earth... "Is that the Death Star?" On-boarding Spaceship Earth..."Is Yoda in here?" On-riding Spaceship Earth..."Where are the storm troopers?!?"
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    Operational issues at the People Mover - no longer walk on and one mess of a queue

    This has been mentioned in several other threads, but what is going on at the People Mover? In recent months it nearly always has a queue, and it is a disorganized mess of a queue. I have routinely had 20 minutes waits on relatively slow days. Cars are being dispatched empty, and if an actual...
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    Anyone know the cost of luggage carts at Orlando International Airport?

    Hi Has anyone rented a Smarte Carte luggage cart at Orlando International Airport recently? How much was it, and can you use credit cards? Thanks
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    The company behind Disney's projection mapping shows - Mousetrappe

    Came across this interesting company - Mousetrappe. Seems they are behind all of the recent projection mapped shows at WDW and DLR. https://www.mousetrappe.com/our-work/
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    Can you pay with Apple Pay at table service restaurants?

    Has anyone paid at a Walt Disney World table service restaurant with Apple Pay? Thanks
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    Change in metal detector policy - June 2019

    Not sure if this has been reported in other threads, but it seems the metal detector policy has now changed at the parks. It is no longer necessary to empty pockets when going through the scanners. So you can go through with keys, phones etc in pockets. Makes it much quicker to get through.
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    2018 Sunset Seasons Greetings using one of the Jingle Bell Jingle Bam lasers?

    Sunset Seasons greetings has a laser this year, installed at the base of Tower of Terror. And this year, Jingle Bell Jingle Bam is missing a laser on the far right side. I thought early in the seasons it was a tech problem, but I am wondering now if the laser has been removed and placed on...
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    The difference between domestic parks and Tokyo DLR management

    This pretty much sums it all up. Beauty and the Beast at MK is nothing more than a money-making cafeteria and a met and greet experience. Meanwhile Tokyo Disney gets this
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    News Worker killed in an industrial accident in a backstage area behind Animal Kingdom

    https://www.clickorlando.com/news/worker-killed-after-falling-into-vat-of-oil-on-disney-property A worker for for Harvest Power died in an industrial accident in area behind Disney's Animal Kingdom early this morning.
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    News Monorail Red in motion with guests on board and doors open

    The continued lack of investment and maintenance on the monorails is reaching new lows. From two days ago.
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    Best way to sell old gear

    Anyone have any suggestions on the best place to sell old photographer gear? Thanks.
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    Recent promos suggest Disney restaurants are in trouble - why?

    Disney's table service restaurants are in trouble. Recent promotions have increased Passholder discounts to 30%, CM discount is more widespread, free appetizers and valet parking are being offered, and Disney is even participating in the fixed price Magical Dining Month. From my casual...
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    Expect more premium events with recent organizational changes

    Walt Disney World is under continued pressure to increase guest spending and drive new revenue without significant additional expenditure. To facilitate this, a new department has been established specifically to develop new offerings. It is headed by former DAK VP Josh D'Amaro. Expect more...
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    Annual Pass renewal with upgrade

    Quick question on passes. I currently have a Platinum Pass which expires end of March 2017. If I renew now at disney.com, and at the same time upgrade to a Platinum Plus Pass, will the Plus benefits kick in immediately, or at the expiration of my current Premium Annual pass? Thanks!
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    Just when you thought there was no more money to be made in the parking lots

    We've had parking price increases, premium parking, massively overpriced EV charging, and now Disney has found a new way to make money in the parking lots. What's next, PhotoPass in the parking lot? And yes, the poor CM's are holding menus and showing them to the passers buy.
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