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  1. Sillysidewalker

    Outside Dining

    We like to do one sit down (casual or signature) meal each day of our trip. We are making our way to the World🙌🏻 May28-June 1. My husband refuses to eat indoors right now due to COVID. What are your favorite restaurants that you can request ourdoor seating( I understand this will extend our wait...
  2. Sillysidewalker

    Memorial Day trip- recommendations

    We are traveling to the World over Memorial Day- squeal! Timing isn’t ideal with the holiday but with schedules these are the only days we can manage. May 28th flight lands at 10am Staying at AOA 5 day park hopper June 1 flight leaves at 8pm Traveling with our 4 kiddos 10,8,8,5 I am...
  3. Sillysidewalker

    Trip Report Magical 10th Birthday Celebration

    Who: Hubs, Jet and Me! What: We booked this trip last January before the world went mad. We considered canceling about 50,000,000 times. We needed this trip and the special one on one time with Jet. Ninja, Bear and Handsome were excited for a weekend at Nana and Pawpaw’s. Where: 3 nights at...
  4. Sillysidewalker

    Trip Report “Are we outside?” A Disneyland report COMPLETED

    The Disney blues have officially set in however we had the best time and made the best memories. Who: ME! Hubby, Paca, Grandma, Bear, Nene, Jet and Handsome. Where: Disneyland Hotel When: Oct 11 to Oct 18 Why: Handsome’s 4th birthday
  5. Sillysidewalker

    Pre-Trip A Cars, Stars and and all the boy things Disneyland adventure

    The Who: From our 2017 Christmas trip. Top left to right Grandma, Handsome, Hubs, Moi, Paca Bottom left to right Bear, Nene and Jet (Everyone looks so little). What: We have done the princess trips now Handsome is turning 4 and loves everything Cars and Star Wars so this trip is to celebrate our...
  6. Sillysidewalker

    Disneyland to pool or no pool?

    Good morning, We are planning a Disneyland trip October 12 to 19, 2019. We are booking a condo or home nearby. The house has a pool. Our kids love water. I have watched the weather all October and just can’t decide if the temps on weather.com are actually warm enough to swim? Can anyone who...
  7. Sillysidewalker

    Grand Californian- Connecting rooms?

    Good morning! We are considering renting points for a stay at the Grand Californian. I have searched everywhere and can’t find this info. Is there any config that you can request connecting rooms?
  8. Sillysidewalker

    Trip Report The “Jasmine kissed me” Suprise Christmas Trip!

    Who: Me, Hubs, Jet (7), Bear(4), Nene(4), Handsome (2), Grandma & Grandpa What: Suprise Whirlwind Christmas trip Where: AOA & Contemporary When: Dec 15-19th Why: I started planning this trip 382 days ago. We were in the middle of an addition on our 100 year old farmhouse. My family of 6...
  9. Sillysidewalker

    Anyone looking for candlelight dining package Dec 16?

    I have one for 8 at Askerhaus that we won't be needing. I could try to coordinate my release. Hope this helps someone.
  10. Sillysidewalker

    Candlelight processional with young kids?

    We are heading "home" in December. This is our first holiday trip and our littles are 7, 4, 4 & 2. We have a candle dinner package with the 5pm show. I just can't decide if this is something they would actually enjoy. I know I would, but not with 4 bored children. Anyone attend with children...
  11. Sillysidewalker

    Edit my plans please! December trip

    I'm not sure if this should be in planning or a pre-trip but I figured I would post and someone would correct me. So here goes... We are going on our first Holiday Disney trip squeal! The Who: DH ,closet Disney lover, Princess obsessed DD's 7(Jet) 4 (bear) 4 (ninja) Trains & Pluto obsessed DS...
  12. Sillysidewalker

    December- ADR's based on nighttime shows?

    We are closing in on our 180 day mark, squeal :)!! This is our first Dec trip. I understand the parks close earlier so I am trying to figure out ADR times for the following; Epcot hoping to score Rose & Crown ADR and watch Illuminations. What time would you try to get your reservation? We will...
  13. Sillysidewalker

    WDW or DLR for the best Christmas experience?

    We have done both DLR & WDW and I really love them both equally. We want to do a 5 day trip next December to soak up the festive atmosphere. We currently have reservations at WDW ( 1 night AOA, 3 nights Contemporary). I was looking online and could book the Grand Californian for less so with the...
  14. Sillysidewalker

    Arrival day plans?

    What do you typically do on arrival day? We have two flight options. The first would land at 7am and the second 2pm. I like the idea of the 7am arrival to get a full day but I know this means my kiddos will be exhausted with no where to nap. I am just trying to get tried and true strategies to...
  15. Sillysidewalker

    Magic Express Luggage to different resort?

    We are staying at two different resorts during our trip. The first resort is just for one night and we won't arrive until after 7:00pm. The last time we did this our flight got delayed and we didn't arrive until after 10pm so our luggage was delayed until the following morning. Since we needed...
  16. Sillysidewalker

    Hello from OH-

    Hello I am a mama to 3 beautiful princesses and one handsome prince. I never got to experience Disney as a child so I took my kiddos the first chance I had. We have done Disneyland and DisneyWorld and I am hooked. I cry every trip and love the joy in my children's eyes and my heart. We are...
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