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  1. marni1971

    An absolutely fantastic read that should be mandatory for all of us

    Passport to Dreams has penned a lengthy and quite amazing look at the state of the company in Orlando as it is today. Not everyone will agree with everything but it hits so many nails on the head. This should be required reading to better understand in many ways why we are where we are...
  2. marni1971

    Notifications not always notifying since iOS 13

    I’m not always getting a red number for notifications since iOS 13 (or possibly one of the updates after that)
  3. marni1971

    Trip report June 2019. My how things have changed. EDIT- now includes an actual report :)

    I totally forgot. Anyone interested in this?
  4. marni1971

    SWAGS new effects and other things

    The DHS night show Star Wars a Galactic Spectacular has had some additions and some changes. New this month now they're up and running are more flame effects to the left and right of the GMR facade (on the main GMR ride building and the right PA Tower / Mermaid area) There is also some new...
  5. marni1971

    George McGinnis dies

    Ex Imagineer George McGinnis has died. He was a wonderful guy, always forthcoming with information and stories and a real talent back in WEDs and WDIs hey day. If you rode Horizons, Indiana Jones Adventure, the US Space Mountains, the WEDWay, the Grand Prix raceway, the MK 4-6 monorails or...
  6. marni1971

    News Tomorrowland love

    I'm very happy to mention this. It seems Tomorrowland has a new boss. And this person cares. Basically if it is meant to work, there is now a push to have it work again. Notice again the spinning blue lights above SGE and TLF? The Lno2 and lasers in SGE? Even the choc chip cookies and...
  7. marni1971

    Toothsome opening

    Not sure if it's been mentioned but the new choc a holic restaurant opens later this month.
  8. marni1971

    Motley Fool reports lots and lots spent on My Magic+ in 2013

    It has been a source of discussion on these boards for a few years now, so I felt it prudent to report an actual figure not given by someone here. http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/10/14/how-disney-is-investing-32-billion-in-its-future.aspx
  9. marni1971

    Star Tours 2.0

  10. marni1971

    Chinese Theatre spires

    And.... The rooftop spires are going back up as we speak :) Should be all done by weekend
  11. marni1971

    Poll: best WDW 4th July fireworks show

    A friend asked me to ask this. Sooo... Whadya think?
  12. marni1971

    Forthcoming DLP refurbs for the 25th and beyond

    Having done some trawling and some asking, here's how I understand DLP refurbs to look over the next few years. Yes, years. A project making DCA circa 2010 look small fry and something Orlando would choke over. Disneyland Parc: Space Mountain - opens August 2015. Closes again early January...
  13. marni1971

    Reflections of Earth continuing upgrades

    Here is a quick six camera edit I made, shot during the second half of September, of the ongoing upgrades and changes to RoE http://www.martinsvids.net/?p=775 Expect them to continue over the coming months including more lighting updates and continued laser replacement. In the video you will...
  14. marni1971

    FP+ meltdown part x

    Once again FastPass+ had another failure today. This time however the guest came out tops; at DHS you could hold TSMM, RnRC and TOT passes at the same time. At Epcot you could have both a Soarin' and Test Track Fastpass at the same time. Think it'll catch on?
  15. marni1971

    More stuffs from Orlando

    Part two of my jet lagged ramblings.... Hollywood Studios Funnily, this park seems less in need than Epcot after my recent visit. Not to say it doesn't need major help though, maybe that is an indicator of how bad Epcot has gotten. The hat. Nuff said. Not long hopefully. It has been...
  16. marni1971

    Stuffs from Orlando

    Just a few quick notes before the jet lag finally wins the day.... I'll try to start at the beginning and move in some sort of order. WDW signage- the first impression of the purple way fairing signs on World Drive was barely readable it was so faded. Was fixed. Why can't you cross the tram...
  17. marni1971

    Reflections of Earth improvements including new lasers

    Finally... Reflections of Earth will finally soon have all new lasers. I won't go into specifics but they should all be in use before the end of year. Probably with some new programming too. The show will also be getting some other enhancements I can't talk about at the moment ;)
  18. marni1971

    Browsing style not working?

    Over the last day or two whilst browsing the full site on iPad my background is plain white as opposed to blue. Changing the browsing style in preferences has no effect. @wdwmagic is it broken? Anyone else have the same problem?
  19. marni1971

    The upstairs Image Works, 2014 edition

    Watch and weep. Again.
  20. marni1971

    Diagon full opening day

    530am and there's a huge crowd outside the park gates already. Measures are inside the park to take extended queues for access to the land to handle the anticipated crowds. Here we go....
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