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  1. Tony the Tigger

    Trip Report 2 Broke Guys & A Dog get Ft Wilderness Cabin Fever (but not COVID-19!)

    Yes, yes, it's been awhile. Yes, I'm still sitting on all of our 2019 trip reports. (Great stuff happened - take my word for it!) It will be fun to write those (eventually) because they are from a world before this world we couldn't have imagined at the time - so many WDWmagic meet & greets...
  2. Tony the Tigger

    Did Disney/Pixar steal this woman’s art?

    Honestly, just pay the lady. What’s so hard? I’m sure she would have been thrilled with a little cash and a credit. Now she’s suing. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/thr-esq/disney-sued-by-artist-unicorn-adorned-van-pixars-onward-1274131
  3. Tony the Tigger

    Can't use mobile app at all this morning.

    I was using the app on my phone until very late last night with no issues. This morning, I couldn't read one single response on the forums. Every time I clicked to go to the Chit Chat thread, the page would reload. I'm using an iphone 7. Fortunately, it's status quo on the laptop, so I...
  4. Tony the Tigger

    Autism lawsuit court date set Feb 2020

  5. Tony the Tigger

    First Disney Jewish Princess to debut in Hannukuh special

    https://forward.com/schmooze/431691/disneys-first-jewish-princess-debuts-in-time-for-hanukkah/?utm_content=buffer3c146&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer A special Hanukkah episode of Elena of Avalor will feature a Jewish Latina Princess this year, played by...
  6. Tony the Tigger


  7. Tony the Tigger

    Understanding WDW “locals”

    (I’ll leave DL up to someone else.) What I’m doing here is basically pulling an @eliza61nyc: I’m taking an offshoot of another thread that deserves its own thread. This comes up often: folks malign or misrepresent “the locals” and “the locals” attempt to correct misperceptions. It can easily...
  8. Tony the Tigger

    New FP rules? We booked FP #1 and FP #2 in two different parks, same day

    I don't know if I missed an announcement. Yesterday we had booked only one FP - Slinky Dog Dash at HS. After using it, we left the park. In the evening, I was able to book our second FP at Buzz Lightyear in MK, and could have booked more but didn't. Those were the only two FP's we made for...
  9. Tony the Tigger

    Oh, no! It’s Mr. Bill! Or a gingerbread man troll at CBR.

    What’s that at the end of the walking path under the bridge? He didn’t charge a toll or ask a riddle. But he’s a little creepy in person! We were cracking up! And yes, he is two-faced (sided) and his brother is at the other end. Maybe they could spring for a pirate statue or a nice Mickey...
  10. Tony the Tigger

    New Muppet Show on Disney+ (?)

    https://insidethemagic.net/2019/02/muppets-disney-series/?utm_content=buffer43ea2&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer Picking up where “The Muppets Take Manhattan” leaves off.
  11. Tony the Tigger

    A whole new level of CM appreciation:

    This was a post from an actual friend on my actual fb feed. Apparently somebody’s young daughter thought Nils at the German pavilion was cute. ...and now he’s on a blanket. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. Tony the Tigger

    How early do you put up your Christmas decorations? And when do you take them down?

    A post in another thread prompted me to ask this. I thought if I asked it there, it might derail the thread. When I was a kid, we usually put up our Christmas tree and decorations/lights about two weeks before Christmas. Sometimes it may have been slightly earlier to get it done on a weekend...
  13. Tony the Tigger

    News Walt Disney World Annual Pass price changes effective October 16 2018

    https://www.wdwmagic.com/other/magi...nual-pass-price-increases-effective-today.htm As someone who buys the cheapest AP, I still say they need to stop the rampant increases. At least we had a heads up before the March increase, and I bought my current pass then. Twice in one year is not...
  14. Tony the Tigger

    “When Mickey Came To Town” on TV

    Recorded this last night on the Link channel. It’s from 2016, only 30 minutes long; and although it portrays Disney unfavorably, it was interesting to see the facts about when they wanted to build Disney’s America in Virginia in 1993-4. It initially had 75% public support, which reversed...
  15. Tony the Tigger

    Rivers of Light & HEA on demand on DirecTV

    One of my regular searches on my DirecTV is for “Walt Disney World.” Last night, two new selections popped up as on demand free options. One is Rivers of Light, an official, professional recording with some nice close-ups that would be hard to catch otherwise. The other is Happily Ever After...
  16. Tony the Tigger

    Pre-Trip 2 Broke Guys (and a dog!) and $200 French Fries?! multiple short trips

    Who: Tony: Wait, a little more recent, please (but remember the blue tufted sofa for later.) "Hidden Mickey" ears behind me? It's actually a wall mural with ocean waves. Brian: That picture of him is 8 years old, but still adorbs. ...and sometimes Kylie: 60 pounds of German...
  17. Tony the Tigger

    Once Upon A Time goes to the Haunted Mansion

    Spoiler alert: if you are watching the ABC series “once upon a time,” and haven’t watched the most recent episode, you may want to skip this. I love that they gave more than a little nod to my favorite Walt Disney World attraction, the HM, including the character Leota! They left the door open...
  18. Tony the Tigger

    Trip Report One enormous BirthdayversaryPalooza! aka 2 Broke Guys & a dog & Irma COMPLETED

    We've been using the "2 Broke Guys" moniker for so long now, we've outlasted the TV show "2 Broke Girls" on which it was based. (Canceled!) The idea was a year+ of saving Disney Chase Visa points to see if we could go to Victoria & Albert's for our 10 year wedding anniversary completely on...
  19. Tony the Tigger

    Disney Vacation Account program abruptly ended

    Via email: Thank you for your participation in the Disney Vacation Account program. It shows you're a true Disney fan and we're grateful for that. At this time, we are discontinuing the program and no new accounts or contributions are being accepted.
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