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  1. Magic Feather

    Facial Recognition Testing

    Looks like Disney is finally testing the facial recognition tech they’ve been working on. Test happening at MK for a month, easy to opt out. I’ve been hinting at it for a while, but glad to finally see some progress on it. More details: Magic Kingdom now testing facial recognition for theme...
  2. Magic Feather

    News Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom closing Jan 24th 2021

    The Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom interactive game will close on the 24th. This has been targeted for removal for a while, and I am under the impression that ops complaints of portals blocking potential extended queue areas played a role in expediting its closure.
  3. Magic Feather

    When did Disneyland “peak,” if at all?

    I recently was thinking about most of Disney’s parks and how a lot of people think that they have been going downhill with decisions, often pointing to better times and times when the parks had “peaked.” This got me thinking... Epcot and MK peaked in the mid to late 1990’s, Animal Kingdom...
  4. Magic Feather

    WDW Resorts Reopening Thread

    I noticed that the reopening of resorts and hotels themselves didn't have their own thread, which I felt would be semi-important. As of now, the only confirmed resorts reopening are DVC resorts (sans Jambo House) and Ft. Wilderness Resort and Campground, all of which are scheduled to reopen on...
  5. Magic Feather

    The EPCOT Overhaul: WWYD- Open Brainstorm

    As we all know, the EPCOT overhaul is in a rough spot due to the financial pressure put on the company. Currently, half of the planned Communicore demolition took place, Ratatouille is almost done, plus Play, Harmonious, and Guardians are well into construction. So picture, if you will, that the...
  6. Magic Feather

    Let's Talk About World Celebration

    When watching the show inside of the "Epcot Experience" Exhibit at the Odyssey Pavilion, I found myself to be pleasantly surprised with how blunt they were in regards to Epcot's future. While I feel that we all have a good idea as to what will transpire in World Discovery, World Showcase, and...
  7. Magic Feather

    The Art of Marvel and Its Greater Implications

    Well, I don't know about you guys, but my head hurts. A lot. Between weeding out some emotionally biased sources and trying to put together everything that has been spit out today (my take from what I have been able to accumulate: nobody is completely telling the truth), I'm feeling done with it...
  8. Magic Feather

    Dole Whip Update

    Expect to see WDW get one, if not both, of the new Dole Whip flavors from the Tropical Hideaway soon. (Orange and Raspberry).
  9. Magic Feather

    Fun Disney Parks Jeopardy Game

    Hey, All! Just came across this fun Disney Parks Jeopardy Game, figured I would share: https://jeopardylabs.com/play/disney-parks-insider
  10. Magic Feather

    Assorted Small Animal Kingdom Updates

    If there is one thing I have learned, it is that, sometimes, when nobody else is doing something, you just have to do it for yourself. So, when my inquiry as to the UP Diwali show, as well as others inquiries about construction around the park, fell on unresponsive ears, I decided to take things...
  11. Magic Feather

    News Passholder Benefits Shifting

    Attendance recently has been not meeting projections across WDW, causing concern amongst management. As a result, a variety of programs have shifted. The big one being that most Low level Passholders can now visit during June (up to the 29th). Also, due to low Epcot Lite (now without a Festival)...
  12. Magic Feather

    Making it Work

    At Disney Parks Around the World, many unideal situations exist, some of which are forced to be solved once they are bad enough not to be ignored. Every few days or so, I will update this thread with a new "unideal situation" and try to promote an open discussion wpif what should be done to fix...
  13. Magic Feather

    Rumor The EPCOT Hotel

    It's happening. Location is still TBD but narrowed down to three proposals (from what I have seen). All Future World Based.
  14. Magic Feather

    Disney Lands of Enchantment Electrical Parade

    Can you believe it has been five years since the Magic Kingdom has had a parade? Goodness! It is a good thing we got a spot two hours early here in Town Square, and boy do we have a great view. We are looking straight down Main Street towards the castle. Apparently this new parade will start in...
  15. Magic Feather

    The Ride of All Rides Challenge

    Hello fellow armchair imagineers! Today I present you with a new challenge. This challenge will use your Disney Parks knowledge just as much as your imagineering abilities. Your task is to present an imagineering concept using only quotes from other Disney Parks attractions, all of which should...
  16. Magic Feather

    World Showcase: Alive With Magic– An Interim Co-oP

    After the recent events that have sadly ended The Creator Games, we seem to have a small break. A general theme we need to be focusing on is unity and imagination, so it seems that there is no better place to do so than World Showcase. This is a unique activity, unlike what has been done before...
  17. Magic Feather

    Super Nintendo World Brainstorm

    Post any and all ideas for Nintendo rides here! If enough people join in, we could make our own version of Super Nintendo World!
  18. Magic Feather

    Imagineering Calendar

    So as not to clog up the Newsroom, please post comp timeframes here! January: The Creator Games: Project Revival One Sentene Comp Season 3 Episode 1 by @Pionmycake February: The Creator Games: Project Revival DlpPhantom's Comp One Sentene Comp Season 3 Episode 1 by @Pionmycake March: Dlp...
  19. Magic Feather

    Toy Story Land at Shanghai

    Yeah... They finally bothered to announce it. No attractions specifically anounced though. PS: Dont Expect Our Slinky, other than that, I do not know. PPS: Don't Be Shocked if their's opens first
  20. Magic Feather

    Quest for the Diamond Ears: Discussion Thread

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