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  1. brkgnews

    Most Embarrassing WDW Moment...

    :lookaroun Anyone? :lookaroun
  2. brkgnews

    Happy birthday, Katie (sweetmagic)!

    Gotcha some stuffs.... :kiss::kiss::kiss:
  3. brkgnews

    New book about the land-grab for WDW in the 60s

    Hey, gang. For those of you librarily-minded (yep, just made that word up -- I'm looking at you, marni1971 and jerlev), I just stumbled onto a new book about the massive undercover land purchase operation that Disney undertook to secure enough property for WDW. It's called "Project Future,"...
  4. brkgnews

    Neat article on the construction of WDW in 1971

    Stumbled upon this today from a 1971 Popular Mechanics magazine. Read the full article on Google Books... http://bit.ly/dgXJJi Or glance at a couple of scans from the seven-page article...
  5. brkgnews

    Happy Birthday Katie (sweetmagic)!

    I gotcha some schtuffs... See you this afternoon. :kiss:
  6. brkgnews

    TMZ: Michael Jackson (Captain EO star, pop icon) has died.

    Keep it civil, people. http://www.tmz.com
  7. brkgnews

    DHS 20th anniversary official events revealed

    WDW Celebrations (full disclosure: I'm on the core team) is reporting that it has learned from management that the park will open early on 5/1. There will be a special rope-drop commemorative ceremony, and special sessions with Imagineers who helped create the park. Also some other goodies...
  8. brkgnews

    Happy Birthday, Maryszhi!

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday, Mary!
  9. brkgnews

    Happy Birthday, Figment1986!

    OK, Robert I know it's a little early, but we radio folks have got to get up early in the morning, so it's an early bedtime. :lol: Here's some famous radio folks to help you celebrate your birthday... :sohappy:
  10. brkgnews

    Happy Birthday, EPCOT Explorer!

    :sohappy:Happy:sohappy: :sohappy:Birthday:sohappy: :sohappy:Evan!:sohappy: (Dubbz :lookaroun) What does the "O" in [nWo] stand for? It stands for "Oh, SNAP! It's Evan's Birthday!" Hope you have a great day, and get lots of vintage EPCOT swag! Now go do whatcha gotta do to get that trip...
  11. brkgnews

    Disney History Buffs, Prepare to Drool! New book series!

    Hey, Gang... just got my copy of Disney Files (DVC Member Magazine), and there's an exciting tidbit inside... DVC Members who haven't gotten their mag yet can download the issue from the member website... there's a preview of the cover of the "Windows on Main Street" book in there. The...
  12. brkgnews

    Last of Walt's 'Nine Old Men' Dies

    I think there's a thread about this over in Chit Chat, but I think it deserves a few mainstream eyes... Ollie Johsnton, the last of Walt's Nine Old Men, has died. http://jimhillmedia.com/blogs/jim_hill/archive/2008/04/14/remembering-ollie-johnston-1912-2008.aspx
  13. brkgnews

    Parade incident in TOKYO - any ramifications here?

    Tokyo Disneyland has canceled all of its parades after a large pillar toppled off of the Buzz Lightyear float during Disney Dreams on parade (no injuries)... http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5j1fNhLD3pHZ6efqab7uaJLPhv1SwD8U2A9581 One wonders if there will be some type of review/change to...
  14. brkgnews

    Hidden Mickey Munchies

    OK -- here's a little way to get the magic at home until you can get back to "The World." The recipe itself is nothing too original -- I've seen it listed several other places. But the technique is what makes it magical. :D You'll need... A bunch of miniature pretzels. An equal...
  15. brkgnews

    Yeti Tech

    This is an older article, but I can't recall having seen it posted elsewhere... http://machinedesign.com/ContentItem/58140/EngineeringExpeditionEverestcompletewithayeti.aspx Lots of detailed technical info on the Expedition Everest Yeti, to satisfy your inner geek. (PS - link seems to take...
  16. brkgnews

    WDW scenes on Live Local enhanced again

    Windows Live Local has updated its software again. Although the imagery is not brand new (some MK footage shows the train station refurb), a new feature lets you view the "bird's eye" flyover imagery from four different angles. So all those places you couldn't see backstage before in the...
  17. brkgnews

    Suggestion: Add other Disney destinations to countdown

    Hey, boss... Any way we could have the option of other Disney destinations as our "resort" on the countdown? Obviously it would be overkill (and potentially confusing to WDW newbies) to list every resort hotel at every Disney property across the world... but I'd like to be able to select...
  18. brkgnews

    Early concept for the EPCOT logo?

    Looking through the macro photos I took of some of the concept art from the EPCOT25 exhibit, I noticed this concept treatment for Spaceship Earth... And of course, being the prism/fountain geek that I am, I took a super macro photo of the original fountain prism plans, with a prism...
  19. brkgnews

    *-* Celebration 25 Scrapbook Submissions *-*

    Hey, E-geeks. It's time to submit your photos for inclusion in the official(ish) Celebration 25 photo memories book thingy. Things to remember: 1) The bigger, the better. The pages are being designed at 300 dpi, meaning a 640x480 pixel photo would only be roughly 2 inches by 1 inch...
  20. brkgnews

    A heapin' helpin' of Disneyland questions...

    Hello, friendly west coasters. Thanks to a motherlode of double developer points from my recent DVC purchase, I'm planning to burn off a ton of points by finally taking a trip to Disneyland. Right now, I'm leaning toward two potential timeframes... last week of January (actually includes a day...
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