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  1. Mr.EPCOT

    Whirlygigs Depart Epcot

    It's just a joke... :lookaroun
  2. Mr.EPCOT

    Whirlygigs Depart Epcot

    That's right. As I like to say, Innoventions is just occupying CommuniCore, just like Germany occupied France.
  3. Mr.EPCOT

    New HitchHiking Ghosts Coming to WDW

    Also grossly inaccurate. ;) :D
  4. Mr.EPCOT

    What are the top 5 rides ever built? (non-Disney too)

    Close: #1 Star Trek the Experience (LasVegas Hilton) #2 The Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye (Disneyland) #3 Horizons (EPCOT Center WDW) #4 The Adventurers Club (WDW Pleasure Island) #5 Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Orlando) ;)
  5. Mr.EPCOT

    Leave a Legacy On It's Way Out?

    Well, there's a whole LOT of future ahead of us... chances are lucite will be the "in" thing at some point. :lol:
  6. Mr.EPCOT

    Leave a Legacy On It's Way Out?

    First time I've heard that. That'd be cool if it were true, I could send some friends of mine to track it down and get some pictures.
  7. Mr.EPCOT

    New Monorail

    The train has been sitting in the maintenance shop for a while, I think there's been a couple photos floating around the Internet of it. All I've heard are one or two tidbits through the grapevine, but I know it doesn't have cabs yet. I guess that's the hold-up, they have to manufacture those...
  8. Mr.EPCOT

    Leave a Legacy On It's Way Out?

    Took the words right out of my mouth.
  9. Mr.EPCOT

    Leave a Legacy On It's Way Out?

    Took the words right out of my mouth.
  10. Mr.EPCOT

    New Monorail

    For what it's worth, all of my fellow pilot friends (and myself) think that they should have kept the colors the same.
  11. Mr.EPCOT

    When does Leave a Legacy LEAVE?

    Famous last words.
  12. Mr.EPCOT

    Walt Disney World to build 2,000-room Hotel: Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

    There's nothing really to see yet. It looks just as it has for several years, the only difference being that there's construction trailers and vehicles there now, and they've cleared some land. They haven't gone vertical on any new buildings, and haven't done anything noticeably obvious to the...
  13. Mr.EPCOT

    Grand Floridian or Contemporary which would you choose?

    Contemporary all the way! And the Bay Lake view is way better than the Magic Kingdom view, anyways.
  14. Mr.EPCOT

    Walt Disney World to build 2,000-room Hotel: Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

    I work at Pop, and dimensions of this art seem accurately matched to the existing buildings with appropriate modifications to create an enclosed structure. Can't say I see any curve to it, either. Nothing that would indicate the main building. I highly doubt that they would theme the main...
  15. Mr.EPCOT

    Walt Disney World to build 2,000-room Hotel: Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

    That Finding Nemo area certainly is not the main building, it can't be anything but one of the guest room buildings. [/size][/font]
  16. Mr.EPCOT

    ScreamScape 11/22: More DTD Rumors

    Maybe they'll start selling actual Harleys. :lol:
  17. Mr.EPCOT

    Permit filed for "Epcot Entrance Work"

    I'm pretty sure East Gate is the cast facility at the east end of the turnstiles, there's a little break room there and some other stuff. I'm probably remembering wrong, but hadn't you alluded to the kennel being repurposed a while back?
  18. Mr.EPCOT

    What other car company should replace GM as sponsor of Test Track????

    I don't want any car company there anymore, I'd rather there be a sponsor like Bombardier that will shift the focus of the pavilion back to transportation in general, and not just on cars.
  19. Mr.EPCOT

    Complain MORE about the Lights of Winter!

    Don't let up! Be more vocal! Unleash your anger over charging more and offering less! Let Disney know the product you expect out of them to deserve YOUR hard-earned dollars! Don't settle for anything less than what YOU think Disney should be offering. Refuse to have your ideal vacation...
  20. Mr.EPCOT

    Any new news on the missing Monorail?

    That sounds awful awful AWFUL. Garish to the max! :hurl: :hammer: The good news is, that will never happen, at least any time in the near future. The Tron-o-rail isn't any kind of test for new train designs, just a one-off opportunity for appropriate synergistic advertising. The current...
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