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  1. Mr.EPCOT

    Complain MORE about the Lights of Winter!

    Don't let up! Be more vocal! Unleash your anger over charging more and offering less! Let Disney know the product you expect out of them to deserve YOUR hard-earned dollars! Don't settle for anything less than what YOU think Disney should be offering. Refuse to have your ideal vacation...
  2. Mr.EPCOT

    EPCOT Italy pizzeria name revealed!

    And the verdict is... VIA NAPOLI From the official Walt Disney World press news site: Link here: http://wdwnews.com/viewimage.aspx?imageid=114914&siteid=1 Props to the Inside the Magic Twitter feed for catching it.
  3. Mr.EPCOT

    Disney considering a new World Showcase pavilion BY REMOVING AN EXISTING COUNTRY?!?!

    The thought of this absolutely disgusts me. Screamscape is reporting that a Guest survey is being conducted at EPCOT asking which country they would like to see added to World Showcase... and which country they'd be least upset at the removal of: http://screamscape.com/html/wdw_-_epcot.htm
  4. Mr.EPCOT

    EPCOT Extra Dining Hour

    According to the Disney Parks Blog, EPCOT will be testing an extra hour of dining after the park closes. This will be at three restaurants, Le Cellier, Coral Reef, and Garden Grill, from March 28th to April 10th. Good to see they're testing this kind of thing, ideally they'll just start...
  5. Mr.EPCOT

    EPCOT Graphic Design

    EPCOT Center (and even Walt Disney World as a whole) seems to inspire a lot of awesome photoshop work and the like. After perusing the new E82 blog, I discovered that the same person has been putting together some neat stuff for a few years: EPCOTLegacy I also recently posted about this cool...
  6. Mr.EPCOT

    Parks Blog News Bites - Disney Dream, Downtown Disney, Summer Nightastic

    The Disney Parks Blog has been busy with small news items today! First is a photo update of the Disney Dream under construction in Germany: Disney Dream Update Next, we have official comment on new offerings coming to our Downtown Disney, such as D Street, Ridemakerz, and new technology...
  7. Mr.EPCOT

    Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - animated?

    Okay, I could be stupid for asking this, but on the the Wikipedia article for the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids there's an additional cast list labeled 'Animated version only.' It lists the Honey characters voiced by talent such as Billy West, Tress MacNeille, Elijah Wood, and Christina Ricci...
  8. Mr.EPCOT

    Hint at a Tron presence in the parks

    This isn't much, but the director of the upcoming Tron Legacy responded to a park-related query at special screening of the films new trailer in Los Angeles. Here's the relevant excerpt from the article at comingsoon.net: Here's the link for the entire article: The Tron Legacy Teaser Trailer...
  9. Mr.EPCOT

    Space artist Robert McCall passes away

    Robert McCall, the painter of The Prologue and The Promise from the exit of Horizons and other iconic artwork depicting NASA and space just passed away in Scottsdale, Arizona. One of his NASA pieces can still be seen in EPCOT at the lobby area of The American Adventure. He was also the creator...
  10. Mr.EPCOT

    An Incredible New EPCOT Blog

    Consume this. Now. E82 Absolutely stunning graphic design work, and shaping up to be a fascinating insight into EPCOT. Discovered via our adventurous Horizons-traversing friends at Mesa Verde Times, by the way.
  11. Mr.EPCOT

    A brief EPCOT excursion across the Multiverse...

    Surprise! Click here for a glimpse of the EPCOT Center of a Universe that's not our own...
  12. Mr.EPCOT

    My Disney SmorgsaBoard

    Hello all! Today I thought I might share with you my big board full of all my pins and other stuff I've accumulated. Like the parks themselves, it's always a work in progress. Let me know your thoughts and ideas! Share with us your own if you have one!
  13. Mr.EPCOT

    Magic Kingdom live updates- Monday, February 1st, 2010

    Hello all! Spending the day at the Magic Kingdom today, thought I might share with you what's going on around the park. First up, some kind of dock construction on the Seven Seas Lagoon...
  14. Mr.EPCOT

    ESPN Wide World of Sports Update

    Hello, just have a couple of photos for any of you who might be interested in the ESPN conversion of Wide World of Sports going on. The new sign out front... ...and an example of new directional signage.
  15. Mr.EPCOT

    More features announced for the Disney Dream

    New exciting fun things revealed for the new ship coming next year! Also check out this article at USA Today: Disney Cruise Line unveils more new features for next ship
  16. Mr.EPCOT

    EPCOT Center 2010

    Hello all! I finally have for you my pictures from New Years Eve, interspersed with some new-ish items of interest. I came into the park at about 3:00 PM, and no trouble getting in at all. Didn't even make it to overflow parking. (Sideways, I know, an upload quirk between my phone and...
  17. Mr.EPCOT

    First official information on Italy pizzeria at EPCOT

    The Disney Parks Blog has released the first official details on the new pizzeria under construction at Italy in EPCOT:
  18. Mr.EPCOT

    Johns Pass Boardwalk and Shopping Village

    Hello! I was thinking about checking this place out, and was wondering if any of you fine folk out there have been there. Is it nice? Good food, shopping, etc.? Let me know!
  19. Mr.EPCOT

    Hawai'i resort video and name revealed: Aulani

    Disney has just announced the name of the new Resort that they are building in Hawai'i, and have released a new video: Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa
  20. Mr.EPCOT

    Construction on Bonnet Creek Parkway

    Hello all! There is construction/ground planning going on Bonnet Creek Parkway across from Port Orleans Riverside. Anyone have any idea what it might be? It's a seperate site from Four Seasons, but it's not too far away, so could it be related?
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