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  1. Phroobar

    Jim Henson's Earth to Ned

    This one looks like a cross between a talk show and Farscape for kids. On Disney+ this week.
  2. Phroobar

    Halloween is saved!

    Urban Legends Haunt at the OC Fairgrounds will be doing a drive thru maze. Drive-thru Halloween haunt. Guests will enjoy in the safety of their own vehicle a drive-thru where scare seekers will experience immersive storytelling and terrifying sets. Guests will be entertained by live...
  3. Phroobar

    Parking tracking?

    For all you APs out there, do you track on a spreadsheet where you park every time you visit the parks? Where do you typically park? According to my spreadsheet, in 2015-16, I typically parked in Chip (25) or Pinocchio (29) due to my handicapped son. Back in 2004-2009, I have: 41 daisy 17...
  4. Phroobar

    Dick Tracy the musical

    Was Dick Tracy ever performed as a musical either on or off Broadway? It seems like the perfect fit with the Stephen Sondheim music. They put Newsies on Broadway and it bombed in the box office so why not Tracy?
  5. Phroobar

    Midnight Madness on Disney+

    When is Disney going to release the Michael J Fox vehicle Midnight Madness on Disney+? The movie involves an all night treasure hunt of teams of college students. It is basically a Disney version of Animal House. This was Michael J Fox's first movie...
  6. Phroobar

    The Haunted Mansion story game

    Here is a game I played on another forum years ago about the Haunted Mansion. We made up a very long story from it. Please continue the story from the last poster's message. End your turn with "Then suddenly...." The next person continues the story from there. I will start it out. Have you...
  7. Phroobar

    All things Legoland California

    Legoland California will be opening two new rides in their new Lego Movie World section of the park. The first is Emmet's Flying Adventure. Guests sit on a triple decker couch and soar over the Lego Movie universe! The other is Unikitty's Disco Drop. This all-new drop tower ride will take you...
  8. Phroobar

    Best animated feature film nominees

    The Oscar nominees for best animated feature film are up. Thank goodness Frozen II is not part of the list. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World I Lost My Body Klaus Missing Link Toy Story 4 Personally, I would like to see Klaus win. It was a great movie. Wasn't thrilled with TS4. How to...
  9. Phroobar

    Official Disneyland Resort and good neighbor hotels reviews

    I'm starting this thread to help tourists figure out which hotels are worth checking into when visiting the Disneyland Resort and which ones are flea traps. Please post your reviews of the hotels on Harbor and Katella and around the resort.
  10. Phroobar

    Disneyland Halloween pictures

    Happy Halloween everyone. Here are some Disney related halloween pictures.
  11. Phroobar

    How much would you pay?

    What is the maximum you would pay per person for Max Pass if there was no free fast pass?
  12. Phroobar

    Retro forum quote of the day

    Sept 3, 2001 We were so innocent back then.
  13. Phroobar

    Tomorrowland new entrance

    It seems Disneyland has started removing the french fry rocks from the entrance of Tomorrowland.
  14. Phroobar

    What are you favorite things about the Disneyland Resort?

    Let's keep the thread positive. What are your favorite things about the Disneyland Resort? What does Disney do so well that keeps us coming back for the magic? What are your favorite rides, shows, attractions and places to eat?
  15. Phroobar

    The Death of Nighttime Entertainment

    Currently Knotts is running their Summer Nights concerts and food party. They have multiple bands playing all of the park, streetmosphere characters and food tasting cards. Employees brought out large versions of outdoor games like golf, bean bag toss, checkers, connect four. All the games are...
  16. Phroobar

    Disney Flash Gordon

    Looks like Disney is going to be making their own version of Flesh Flash Gordon.... https://www.cartoonbrew.com/feature-film/taika-waititi-attached-to-disney-animated-adaptation-of-flash-gordon-176275.html
  17. Phroobar

    Official Galaxy's Edge - Force ability list

    So does anyone know of any of the cool things that can be done with Disneyland App regarding making things happen in GE? I know the build a droids react to things going on in the area like being afraid when Klyo Ren walks by but has anyone tried to make something happen? Has anything been "hacked"?
  18. Phroobar

    Stupid guest behavior at theme parks

    Last night I was at Knotts and I saw kids climb to the top of this rock formation in Camp Snoopy. One kid actually did a dance up there and jumped up and down. Two employees with walkies talkies came running and took the kids away. No parents in sight. It's not hard to climb up there. There use...
  19. Phroobar

    Terminator: Dark Fate

    Yet another Terminator movie but this time distributed by Disney! This one will star Linda Hamilton and Arnold. The film is scheduled to be released by Paramount Pictures in North America and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures outside of North America on November 1, 2019. Hey Bob, when are we...
  20. Phroobar

    Space Mountain and other chicken exit doors

    Ever push open the doors in the Space Mountain queue? There is one to the right of the loading area (airlock 2) that seems to go into an office. How does airlock 3 get to the exit? Does airlock 4 open?
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