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  1. Epcot is my fav

    ADR help for October

    Hey guys! I just came back from the World last week and now I am planning a trip for Columbus day weekend for 4 nights. I am travelling with my gfs family and her 4 cousins are coming (ages 12, 9, 9, 7). Our party makes 8 which makes it tricky to go to places everyone wants to eat at. We are on...
  2. Epcot is my fav

    ADR Options

    I plan on visiting Epcot in July and I will be arriving with a very picky group of eaters. I am looking for somewhere to make a lunch reservation that will satisfy everyone. The other couple going with us do not eat meat and this is their first time at Epcot. My gf and I ate at Le Cellier last...
  3. Epcot is my fav

    Adr help

    Need to make my ADRS for Thanksgiving, any suggestions for 5 sit down lunches or dinners for 8 people???? Would like to try some new places. Went to Brown Derby and Le Cellier for Easter.
  4. Epcot is my fav

    Epcot Fireworks Boat Rental

    By any chance does anyone know how much it is to rent a boat from the Yacht and Beach Club Marina that takes you into Epcot to see the fireworks. I am traveling the the world with a group of 8 and there is a set of twins celebrating their birthdays. We would like to find out the pricing for...
  5. Epcot is my fav

    Year pass to both DL and WDW

    I am thinking about getting that pass that gets you into both WDW and DL this year, has anyone purchased it? I was wondering if it was worth the 700 plus. I have never been to DL and plan on going sometime in the Spring or early Summer of 2012. I want to get at least 3 trips out of this pass 2...
  6. Epcot is my fav

    Pass the line?

    Quick question, I am going to a concert in April. Does the House of Blues still do pass the line if you eat at the restaurant?
  7. Epcot is my fav

    Where to go

    Hey guys, I am going to WDW in late April for a week and I want to pick a few restaurants to eat lunch and dinner. I would like some suggestions for 2 lunches and 2 dinners that I could go to with my significant other. I would like to make the reservations now, so any suggestions would be great...
  8. Epcot is my fav

    Meet the Robinsons Merchandise?

    Hey all! Is there going to be any new Meet the Robinson's Merchandise produced around WDW for the release of the movie. I have been over the WDW 3 or 4 times in the last month and all they have is 1 pin (which I already have). Is there anything else around the parks that I have missed...
  9. Epcot is my fav

    Thoughts on the French Quarter

    Hey everyone!!!! I will be staying at Port Orleans the French Quarter this weekend for 3 days and I wanted to know how it is. Has anyone stayed there? What is it like? The goods and the bads....I really appreciate it!!!! Thanks :wave:
  10. Epcot is my fav

    Part-Time Jobs?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering about the Part-time jobs over at WDW..... 1- What are the benefits, are they the same as working there full-time? 2- After a certain monthly period can you be transfered to another job within wdw? 3- What kind of time can you take off within a part-time job...
  11. Epcot is my fav

    Fear Factor Live

    I just recieved my annual newsletter from UO and it features the new attraction Fear Factor live. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this attraction?? Thoughts on the attractions?? What kind of stunts do they do? I read a newspaper article on it in the New York Post yesterday and...
  12. Epcot is my fav

    Do they serve lunch again?

    :slurp: Last time I was at Epcot (Feb 24-26th Espn the Weekend) we went to eat lunch at our favorite restaurant in Epcot Restaurant Akershus to find they do not serve lunch anymore!?!?!?!?! It was horrible....I was wondering if they are still doing this? Hopefully they have changed it and...
  13. Epcot is my fav

    ESPN the Weekend

    Yes.....another ESPN the Weekend....the first one was AWESOME!!! Anyone have news or information about the celebs that will be there? I got so many great autographs when I was there....cannot wait till this one!
  14. Epcot is my fav

    All Summer Long Trip Report!

    OK heres the deal, I am leaving tomorrow morning and will be getting into Orlando Thursday morning. If possible could everyone give me suggestions on what they want to hear each day (i will be posting late at night). WOO HOO cannot wait to go! Trip- June 23rd to August 29th :sohappy: Thanks
  15. Epcot is my fav

    Congratulations to #51

    Bernie Williams became the seventh player in Yankees history to reach the 2,000-hit mark, reaching the milestone in the fourth inning of Thursday's game (June 10th 2004) against the Colorado Rockies. The 2,000 hits for Williams place him behind Lou Gehrig (2,721), Babe Ruth (2,518), Mickey...
  16. Epcot is my fav

    5 Worst Attractions at Universal Orlando

    Well as NemoRocks78 said there was gonna be a negative list and here it is............Top 5 Worst Attractions at both IOA and US 1- Earthquake- pointless and stupid 2- Dr. Dooms Freefall- its sooooo short 3- Back to the Future- its so outdated and it hurts...bang my head everytime 4-...
  17. Epcot is my fav

    Next Change

    Well we have seen the sucess with the changes to Kong, Hitchcock and the Hanna Barbera (sp?) ride....anyways what do u think the next ride to replaced should be in US? I think it should be earthquake....so much space....well i think there is a lot of space..that ride if you call it a...
  18. Epcot is my fav

    Club 33

    I was watching Access Hollywood and they had an all access look into celebs and their excess spending. One of the things was club 33 at Disneyland....it said that the dues were about 9,000 to be in the "club" I was wondering if anyone is besides celebs are in on it and does anyone know where the...
  19. Epcot is my fav

    How Easter Weekend Was Crazy at IOA....

    Hey everyone, just wanted to report that Easter Weekend at IOA was awesome!!! Pros- It was a hot, sunny day about 86 degrees. The cart food rocked, way better then Disneys cart food At the end of the night around 8:30 (closed @10) there were no lined for anything, we...
  20. Epcot is my fav

    Dont you just hate this.....?

    When you bring someone to WDW for there first time.....you have been there a million times and apprecaite all the little things and they just think its so boring and for little kids!!!!!!!!!! Last week i brought my roommate over for the day to Magic Kingdom and she hated it. She did not...
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