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  1. LarryStoken

    Favorite meal every eaten at WDW?

    What is the best meal you have ever eaten at WDW?
  2. LarryStoken

    Deluxe Dining Plan is too much food

    3 sit down meals per day doesn't leave much time for anything else, the whole trip becomes focused on preparing for the next meal
  3. LarryStoken

    Best Resort at WDW

    What do you consider the best resort at WDW?
  4. LarryStoken

    Aladdin vs. Hercules

    Opinion Poll : Which do you think is the better movie of these two.... Aladdin or Hercules
  5. LarryStoken

    Which park takes the least amount of time to see?

    If you were planning a half day for one of the parks which would it be? One of those days where you go to the park in the morning and then spend the rest of the day at the hotel pool just chillin and relaxing. Kind of an off day within a hectic vacation. I'm thinking MGM or Animal Kingdom...
  6. LarryStoken

    Tutto Italia : your reviews

    Have never made it to Tutto Italia as of yet. I went to Alfredo's a few times before it closed and it was always decent but have yet to try its replacement. How does it measure up? My wife is FBI, so she has a discerning palate when it comes to Italian cuisine.
  7. LarryStoken

    Let's bring Wonders of Life back

    I have read on these boards several times how WOL needs to be bulldozed so another attraction can take its place. I could not disagree more. This would be the perfect pavilion for educating young people about healthy living and eating right. I know we have The Land but this could complement the...
  8. LarryStoken

    If you had to skip one park on your trip, which would it be?

    If you were limited by time constraints and had to exclude one park, which would it be? Magic Kingdom Epcot MGM Animal Kingdom
  9. LarryStoken

    All You Can Eat and Drink ticket for the Epcot Wine and Food Festival?

    Are they selling All You Can Eat and Drink passes for the Epcot Food Festival and if they are, how much are they?
  10. LarryStoken

    How does Disneyland differ from DisneyWorld?

    I have been to Southern California a few times but never made it to Disneyland. Is it as good as Disney World?
  11. LarryStoken

    Brazil to join the World Showcase at Epcot

    A college buddy of mine who works behind the scenes at Epcot mentioned to me that their are plans in the works to add a Brazilian pavilion to the showcase. It will be located between Germany and China near the Outpost. The pavilion will take advantage of the lagoon there to make an Amazon boat...
  12. LarryStoken

    Restaurant suggestions for MGM please

    I need to book a Table Service for MGM Studios. Any suggestions?
  13. LarryStoken

    Which Table Sevice restaurants should be avoided?

    Which ones are no good :hurl: or have a bad reputation? I don't want to make any bad selections with my reservations. Thanks
  14. LarryStoken

    Taking three kids ages 4, 2 & 2 : Am I getting in over my head?

    My wife and I are planning a trip to take our 3 kids. A 4 year old and 2 year old twins. No relatives are going with us. Sometimes I think we are nuts for attempting this. It is nuts enough already at home!
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