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  1. fbp

    Water Parks & More Option - DisneyQuest Question

    Hello, I'm heading down to the parks in a couple of weeks and am wondering if anyone might be able to help me with the following? I normally get the water parks and more option added to our tickets, but haven't yet this year as entrance to DisneyQuest is not listed as being included. Does...
  2. fbp

    Boathouse Bar Area Question

    Hello All, I'm wondering if somebody might be able to clarify something regarding the The Boathouse for me? Are there bar areas within The Boathouse, which do not require a reservation? I'm hoping to go to The Boathouse for an evening cocktail or two and am wondering if I should make a...
  3. fbp

    Spirit of Aloha - Not Able to Reserve

    Hello, I did a couple of searches but didn't find anything on this. I'm not able to reserve Spirit of Aloha on September 4th or 5th. Is there any word it is going for a refurb in September? Thanks!
  4. fbp

    Mears at 1:00 am

    Hello there, My wife and I have a Mears Shuttle booked from Orlando International to a Universal hotel. Our flight land sat 12:30 am Saturday morning. Our receipt says we'll have to call Mears upon arrival to the airport. We won't have a phone with us. Does anyone know if we'll actually...
  5. fbp

    Disney Magic Itinerary Change

    Soooo, I just got an e-mail informing me that our cruise for Oct 2015 had an itinerary change. Instead of visiting Key West for a day, we'll be visiting Castaway Cay for two days. Is this kind of a change a regular occurrence? Does anyone know what might have caused this change almost a year...
  6. fbp

    The 'Burbs

    Has anyone here ever moved away from living downtown in a beautiful city to a surrounding suburb, looking for some extra space, style and affordability? If yes, regrets? All positive? Do you miss walking to concerts and coffee shops? Making some decisions on, y'know, life. :)
  7. fbp

    Dole Whip at Menchie's

    I just found out a frozen yogurt chain that has a location in my city has Dole Whip. I don't even really love Dole Whip, but I though it was Disney exclusive-ish and I'm going to go eat it and feel well despite the negative 30 temperature outside. Sweet! Just posting in case this is a...
  8. fbp

    Second Hand Finds

    Just wanted to share my sweet finds at a local second hand store yesterday evening. Sorry no pictures. I picked up a sweet Kali River Rapids T-Shirt, an old school MGM Studios T-Shirt with bride Mickey and Minnie on it and an old-ish (Animal Kingdom era) general WDW resort T-Shirt with a...
  9. fbp

    Wedding Song

    Howdy Folks, Has anyone used a Disney related song at their wedding? If yes, which song and to what purpose?
  10. fbp

    Willie Nelson

    So Willie Nelson is playing tonight. $70.00 a ticket. Can't decide.
  11. fbp

    DLRP 20th Anniversary Tickets

    I'm not sure if anyone will have an answer to this but i'm wondering if it would be possible to buy two 20th anniversary tickets and use them on consecutive days? These two single tickets cost less than a two day two park ticket. Has anyone done this? Thanks!
  12. fbp

    It's Cold

    Negative 40 with the windchill in Ottawa today. Coldest day in a decade. On my walk to work my eyelashes kept trying to freeze together when I blinked.
  13. fbp


    Devils in 7.
  14. fbp

    August/September 2012 Dining booked!

    I just booked all the dining for our upcoming vacation. I did it all online and did not experience any issues. I got everything that we wanted! Sweet! In case anyone is interested we booked the following: 1) Hoop De Do Musical Review 2) Coral Reef 3) San Angel Inn 4) 50's Prime Time Café...
  15. fbp

    I Gotta Scoop

    I gotta scoop Disney is going to base a new land on the movie "See No Evil, Here No Evil" starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. Take it or leave it folks.
  16. fbp


    Screamscape has a report up that the screens in the elevators in DisneyQuest are covered up and that the Genie animation is not running. Can anyone confirm? Does anyone know what they're up to? HD Genie?
  17. fbp

    Upgrade Regret

    Another resort choosing question (thanks for your patience): Has anyone who usually stays at a value resort upgraded to a moderate for a trip and regretted it? We generally stay at the values, because we don't spend a whole lot of time at our resort when in WDW and enjoy the over the top...
  18. fbp

    Art of Animation Questions

    Will the new Art of Animation Resort be extremely busy when it opens? I'm thinking the answer is likely yes, but does anyone know if new WDW resorts are significantly busier in their first six months or so of opening when compared to other WDW resorts in the same price range. If a family was...
  19. fbp


    I know, I know. The 1000th thread comparing two WDW resorts. We can't decide: Coronado Springs or Port Orleans Riverside? Can anyone sell me one of these resorts with a one liner? Example: Only a boat ride away from Downtown Disney. Thanks in advance!
  20. fbp

    How hot is it?

    It's too &%$# hot!
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