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  1. Magenta Panther

    Wanted you guys to see this

    Okay, so there are these art installations/dark ride experiences called "Meow Wolf" being built in various areas around the U.S. The first one was built in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Recently another installation was built in an actual amusement park - Elitch Gardens, in Denver, Colorado (in this...
  2. Magenta Panther

    Imagineers are now a flippin' joke

    So I just watched something on YouTube called The Carpetbagger series. It's about a dude who visits roadside attractions, amusement parks, theme parks etc. And in one episode he went to WDW and rode the Tower of Terror. And sure enough - just like some on this site mentioned - the "Imagineers"...
  3. Magenta Panther

    I want more Pirates, dammit

    I want MORE Pirates in WDW, in Adventureland. I want a Pirates-themed restaurant/show at least. I think Disney's fantasy version of pirates is sublime and inimitable. When I walk into Pirates of the Caribbean, I get chills. I'm in another world. If anything Disney owns is a Potter-swatter...
  4. Magenta Panther

    Live-action Robin Hood movie

    So yeah, Disney's making this. Apparently it's not going to be CG-animated a la Zootopia, but "live-action", like...Rocket Raccoon?
  5. Magenta Panther

    Onward - Pixar's latest flop?

    I'm hearing that the box office for this weekend indicates that my comparison of Onward to Good Dinosaur might, unhappily, be all too accurate...
  6. Magenta Panther

    The wonderful Zootopia

    Since I do a lot of griping here, it seems right that I should praise a recent Disney creation - that deserves it. That creation would be the movie "Zootopia". I've been watching it a lot lately, and it just gets better with every viewing. Why? 1. The animal designs are in the classic Disney...
  7. Magenta Panther

    Deepfaking The Lion King

    ...and it's soooooooooooooo much better: Especially Scar! I'd go to see this...
  8. Magenta Panther

    Tower of Terror "new stories and effects" coming?

    Well, I just read a story posted at the Forbidden Site that the Tower of Terror will be getting new "stories", sounds and visual effects starting September 28th. Interesting...can any insiders here corroborate and elaborate on this?
  9. Magenta Panther

    So who else has been watching "Amphibia"?

    I bought a couple of episodes last week from Amazon...and I have to say that this little show has potential. It has a kind of "Gravity Falls" vibe. The main character, Anne, is appealing and believable, the frog village has some nice world-building, and the producers have come up with worthy...
  10. Magenta Panther

    Why no money for the Yeti fix?

    So I can only shake my head at these rumors that Bears and Tiki Room might be gutted in favor of current Disney IPs (the staying power of which is hardly guaranteed) for WDW's 50th Anniversary. My question: If all that money is being spent on these "upgrades" :rolleyes::depressed: (which...
  11. Magenta Panther

    So what Universal ought to do...

    ...is develop a dark ride based on Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse. I saw the movie last weekend. Oscar, oh yeah. Now, Disney films have made me cry. Pixar movies have made me cry. But I never expected a Spiderman movie to make me cry. THREE TIMES DAMMIT So yeah Universal should totally make...
  12. Magenta Panther

    Ghostbusters 3

    So...did anybody else catch this? I.AM.SO.HYPED. I never got to experience the Ghostbusters attraction/show at Universal. If this new flick is a hit, maybe we'll get a dark ride? PLEASE?
  13. Magenta Panther

    Hey, Bob Iger, about the new tax deal...

    How about doing something decent for once? Why don't you follow in the footsteps of AT&T and Comcast and celebrate the newly-passed tax aka "Middle Class Miracle" by giving your Cast Members in the U.S. parks a raise? (I know, I know...dream on, silly dreamer).
  14. Magenta Panther

    Any chance Peter Pan's Flight gets an upgrade?

    I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for this question...unless any insiders can add some insight about this..? Anyway, my second-favorite ride (as observed via videos) in Shanghai is the new version of Peter Pan's Flight (first fave is Pirates, naturally). I think it's an amazing re-think...
  15. Magenta Panther

    Yeah, Mulan

    http://deadline.com/2016/10/mulan-live-action-3d-disney-november-2018-1201830651/ Cinderella, Jungle Book, Lion King, and Mulan. Which animated classic will be next to get the live-action (although probably majorly animated via CGI) treatment? There's a drinking game in there somewhere. My...
  16. Magenta Panther

    Marvel Experience Abruptly Cancelled

    Just thought I'd drop this here. Probably has little significance for the parks, but anyway: http://deadline.com/2015/07/traveling-marvel-theme-park-summer-tour-cancelled-1201470944/
  17. Magenta Panther

    About redeeming villains...

    So a friend of mine and I were discussing the movie "Maleficent" the other day. We both think it's really not very good. What I really objected to was the way the script tried to make Maleficent more sympathetic by making all the good guys either evil or stupid. :P Kinda weak, if you ask me...
  18. Magenta Panther

    Hatbox Ghost already malfunctioning?

    I've been reading at Miceage that Hattie is already having his troubles: http://micechat.com/forums/disneyland-resort/205099-ghost-empty-hatbox.html Is this typical for a new AA, or do we truly have a right to feel disappointed by this?
  19. Magenta Panther

    Phineas and Ferb finale - "Last Day of Summer"

    Well, it's sad to see it all come to an end, but it was a great run. And a great finale. No spoilers, but everything - and everyone - had a satisfying denouement. Thanks, Phineas and Ferb, and thanks, Swampy and Dan, for a fresh, witty and heartwarming cartoon that I think has actually...
  20. Magenta Panther

    Disney making a live-action "Winnie the Freaking Pooh"

    I am NOT making this up: http://io9.com/oh-for-the-love-of-disneys-making-a-live-action-win-1695431616 Sounds like a G-rated "Ted". :confused: Jeebus, where will this all end? Dumbo and Pooh and probably the Aristocats next...this is seriously getting nuts, folks...
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