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  1. TheMouseFan

    Hotel recommendations for Port Canaveral

    Hello! We are scheduled to be on the Fantasy next July if everything is back to normal. We plan to visit Kennedy Space Center the day before our cruise. There are 5 of us, so was just looking for recommendations for a decent place to stay. I have researched some and see that most are a...
  2. TheMouseFan

    Trip Report It Wasn't Quite the Trip We Had Planned..June 2020

    Hello everyone! We got back from our trip last week, and as you can all surmise, it didn't include much Disney :( ! First, let me introduce us in case you don't know us. Me (Amy) and my husband Brian. Our kids, Logan (17), Lily (15), and Owen (12). Our original plan was to leave our house...
  3. TheMouseFan

    Pre-Trip It's Never Too Early to Start a PTR, Right?!?

    Exciting news!! We're going on another cruise! It just won't be until 2021! We have promised the kids that we would take them each on a trip as a graduation present, and Logan is finishing up his sophomore year. If you have read any of my other PTRs or even trip reports, you know that I am a...
  4. TheMouseFan

    Trip Report Our 20th Anniversary Trip to the Caribbean...December 2018 COMPLETED

    Caribbean Beach Resort, that is!! Well, we've been back awhile, and the Disney Blues have hit me really hard this time for several reasons to be discussed later, so I have put off starting this report, but I am finally ready. I had arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder this past Friday and...
  5. TheMouseFan

    Trip Report Where in The World are we? December 2018. LIVE

    Surprise! We're on our way to WDW! I got my anniversary trip after all!! Brief recap in case you didn't read my June PTR and TR: I have had this trip planned in my head for well over a year and Brian had agreed to it until he decided that we should use the money to take the kids on a trip...
  6. TheMouseFan

    Trip Report Our Journey to the Dark Side, plus a little bit of Disney...June 2018 **Completed**

    We're back!! Who: Me (Amy), the hubby (Brian), and our three kids, Logan (15), Lily (13), and Owen (10) Where: Universal Orlando (Cabana Bay Beach Resort and Hard Rock Hotel) plus one day on Disney property When: Sunday, June 10 - Saturday, June 16 I was bad and didn't take notes this trip...
  7. TheMouseFan

    Volcano Bay questions

    Our first park day will be at Volcano Bay and I have a few questions: 1. Can we purchase Freestyle cups there that will be good in all the parks? 2. I purchased the photo package. Is there somewhere inside Volcano Bay to activate it? 3. Can we enter early to check in to our cabana like you...
  8. TheMouseFan

    Pre-Trip Our Journey to the Dark Side, June 2018

    Shhh! Listen closely! Do you hear it? That's the sound of my heart being ripped apart because we are going to Florida, but NOT. GOING. INTO. ANY. DISNEY. PARKS!!! First, let me introduce us! I'm Amy, and I'm (obviously) a Disney addict! I will be traveling with my husband, Brian, and our...
  9. TheMouseFan

    Talk to me about renting DVC points vs paying for a regular room

    Specifically Wilderness Lodge, but in general too. I know you do not get Mousekeeping every day, but we would be ok with that. How many towels would be in a studio? Are the toiletries in the rooms the same? Is there a major difference in the views from the rooms? Is there a difference...
  10. TheMouseFan

    Trip Report Will it ever stop raining? Our June 2017 trip

    Hi, all!! I've finally had a chance to start going through my photos and thought I would get started on my trip report! For those of you not familiar, here is my pre-trip report: Adventure is out there...June 2017 If you don't want to read the PTR, here is a brief synopsis before I get...
  11. TheMouseFan

    Dolphin interaction

    When my husband and I went to SeaWorld in 1998 for our honeymoon, we were able to feed and touch the dolphins. Are you still able to do that without paying extra? The website makes it seem like you have to pay $15 to be able to do this at Dolphin Cove. Thanks!
  12. TheMouseFan

    Bags on rides

    Is SeaWorld more like Universal or Disney when it comes to taking bags on rides? I will likely just have my little crossbody bag that day, but will I need to store it for the coasters?
  13. TheMouseFan


    Is it a big thing at Universal like it is at Disney for the kids to get autographs? Or is it more just photo ops? I just don't want to lug around autograph books if they don't sign, but don't want to be without if they do sign. Thanks!
  14. TheMouseFan


    Has anyone used this website to buy tickets? They have an additional 5% off this weekend and they already have cheap(er) Universal tickets. (I already have my Disney tickets included in my package) I've used Undercover Tourist in the past and been pleased. But the tickets are even cheaper on...
  15. TheMouseFan

    June hours

    We are planning to spend a day at Sea World during our June 2017 WDW trip. Does anyone know what time they typically close at the beginning of June. We will be at CBR June 5-17. Also, is there a particular day of the week that is best to go? Lastly, is the front of line pass generally needed...
  16. TheMouseFan

    Trip Report Another "work" trip is in the bag!! August 2016

    Hi guys! It's me again! I decided to go on another "work" trip this year to book the free dining bounceback offer! For those of you that don't know me, I'm Amy, and I lied to my kids last year and told them I had a work trip, when I really went and spent the weekend at Pop Century to book the...
  17. TheMouseFan

    Pre-Trip Adventure is out there...June 2017

    Hi again! I'm Amy if you all don't know me! Brian's resolve didn't last very long!! He has agreed to go back next June!!!! (For those of you who didn't read my report from this June, Brian (my hubby) was not happy with the behavior exhibited by our children, and swore he would never take...
  18. TheMouseFan

    Trip Report Our "It's 'Disney' real" June 2016 trip

    We're back!!:(:( We had a fantastic time with some not so fantastic moments thrown in, but what trip doesn't have those! For those of you that haven't read my pre-trip report, here is a quick synopsis: Who: Me (Amy), my husband Brian, and our kids Logan (13), Lily (11), and Owen (8) What...
  19. TheMouseFan

    Trip Report A Stroll Down Memory Lane

    Hello again, everyone! We still have 80 days until our next trip, and I am having some major issues with the waiting!! I decided to dig out some pics and souvenirs from trips past and share them. We are me, Amy, Brian (hubby), Logan (13), Lily (10), and Owen (8). I will start with my...
  20. TheMouseFan

    June 2016 hours?

    Does anyone know when Disney is going to release the June 2016 operating hours? I am trying to finalize my list of ADRs I want and the times, but it is really difficult without the actual hours.
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