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  1. 216bruce

    Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, Star, & hotstar)

    About a year ago this series was announced. The movie is on Disney + and the show seems like a natural for it. Anyone ever hear anything else about if/where it will land?The Sandlot Tv Series
  2. 216bruce

    Hotel in San Juan

    We are staying at the attached hotel for our cruise that starts this Sunday. Taking a cab from the airport. The cruise terminal and the airport are both just a few minutes from the hotel. The hotel is one of the 'official' hotels for the DCl cruises there but were out of allocated rooms, so we...
  3. 216bruce

    Left forum for good 2/24/17

    Left forum for good 2/24/17
  4. 216bruce

    So, why was it edited and my question about that action deleted?

    I'm not being sarcastic, but here's the deal...if I didn't have an abiding love of Disney I wouldn't be here- also, like anyone should, you and I and everyone SHOULD get upset when something they write is censored for no reason at all, no explanation given. Shrugging your shoulders and saying...
  5. 216bruce

    So, why was it edited and my question about that action deleted?

    I really don't know where else to ask, so this seems the best fit. I recently posted what I thought was a silly comment about Tim Allen/Buzz narrating HOP. I added that he could ask the Space Rangers to fire upon Zurg. The first half of the post about Tim Allen stayed but someone edited out the...
  6. 216bruce

    How did the Black Cauldron almost completely kill Disney animation?

    Good points on all except Moana...I mean, she's a princess except for her title but I think you know that... hehe. Technically, Inside Out is Pixar but you are right on Zootopia and Big Hero 6. Mea culpa.
  7. 216bruce

    MLB 2017 Season Discussion

    http://www.sportingnews.com/mlb/news/mlb-playoffs-2016-indians-home-runs-lindor-kipnis-perez-red-sox-porcello/rz7gha14uhey1k6vh6iho8gfm cough cough cough....But seriously, it's either the Red Sox or the Tribe going to the Series this year.
  8. 216bruce

    How did the Black Cauldron almost completely kill Disney animation?

    The video release timing is huge for this movie and it's legacy. I totally agree. Folks now expect Disney animation to fit into a very small and narrow 'box'. Princesses, pretty much the same story line, etc. Imagine "Fantasia' being made nowadays...it would bomb as you can't merchandise it...
  9. 216bruce

    How did the Black Cauldron almost completely kill Disney animation?

    It doesn't really work story-wise as there's no really lovable characters (some are kinda annoying actually) and the story is muddly. This isn't the fatal flaw in it though. The music, backgrounds and animation are wonderful but what killed it was it's 'reputation' more than anything else. By...
  10. 216bruce

    Peter Pan's Flight WDW vs the rest of the world.

    It's perfect, that's why its antiquated and quaint tech draws everyone regardless of age. Good storytelling, charm and memorable music can humble 3D interactive robotic virtual crapola everytime.
  11. 216bruce

    Scariest Disney Attraction?

    Town Square Mens bathroom at MK...hands down the scariest. Certainly 'the nastiest place on Earth'.
  12. 216bruce

    Are magic bands safe to wear?

    You will notice significant weight loss in both your wallet and bank accounts after prolonged exposure to Magic Bands.
  13. 216bruce

    MLB 2017 Season Discussion

    Predictions...Red Sox, Indians, Astros and Rangers from the AL Nats, Mets, Cubs and Dodgers from the NL WS- rematch of 2016...different winner though.
  14. 216bruce

    Tomorrowland Review

    We are lucky enough to have a locally owned theater chain in town and one of their cinemas is about 10 minutes from our house. They show a nice mix of "Hollywood" and smaller films and we go to see both kinds. I have a weakness for Marvel films but loved a lot of the smaller box office films...
  15. 216bruce

    Tomorrowland Review

    Yeah, the content of blockbuster films falls into a pretty narrow scope these days....superheroes, sequels and remakes or talking animal animation (but must have fart jokes). Other stuff is on shaky box office ground.
  16. 216bruce

    Tomorrowland Review

    I saw the trailer in a theater and it looks intriguing. The plot holes are easily overlooked, like in most sci-fi/fantasy films . With the tone and mood of the country these days, it's even sadder that "Tomorrowland" was so overlooked. The spirit that Britt Robertson's character exhibited is...
  17. 216bruce

    Artist Frank Thomas' Home For Sale

    Since the house is on the National Register of Historic Places I'd bet that there's not a lot that can be changed on it. You'd be nuts to change it anyway. All I need is the $ and an OK to move...lol
  18. 216bruce

    Plastic Cheese

    Noooooo! I haven't completed my house insulation project. The stuff has an insanely high "R" value.
  19. 216bruce

    Artist Frank Thomas' Home For Sale

    Absolutely beautiful home. I just hope whoever buys it respects and appreciates what a gorgeous place it is. More than a bit of Frank Lloyd Wright there.
  20. 216bruce

    Anyone know what is happening at Epcot?

    I blame the Phoenicians.
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