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  1. dennis-in-ct

    Volcano Bay projection mapping show

    I just saw this fun video: It a projection mapping show in the water park. When did this start? So is the show for the hotel guests who have a view of Volcano Bay or does this happen for the guests at the water park? It's very cool and made me smile :) Screen Captures:
  2. dennis-in-ct

    Jurassic river ride Orlando vs Hollywood

    I know that Hollywood received an upgrade based on Jurassic world. Does the Orlando park also have the same upgraded it is still the same ?
  3. dennis-in-ct

    Magical Express Question

    I have two questions: Question 1: Can I claim my own luggage and bring it with me or do I have to let the magical express service deliver to my room ? I received an email saying “If your flight arrives before 10 p.m., we can collect your luggage and deliver it to your room. Your luggage will...
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