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  1. LukeS7

    Rumor Possible Demolition of The Land and The Seas Pavillions?

    The site that cannot be named is currently reporting a rumor that these two pavilions would be totally demolished, leaving only Soarin' left. I wanted to see if anyone here had any insight on if this is a valid rumor or not.
  2. LukeS7

    Trip Report One Year Later...

    So, this is gonna be a bit later then I had originally intended to post this, but here goes. So back in January of 2017, my girlfriend and I (I'll call her R since I'm not sure if she would be okay with me using her real name on here) took a 2 week trip that was split between Universal and...
  3. LukeS7

    Pre-Trip Is One Year Too Long to Wait for a Trip Report?

    [see title of thread] :D I may or may not have forgot to post a trip report for our 2 week vacation last January :facepalm: and now I'm tempted to do it anyways so I can somewhat relive what was one of my favorite vacations. So, going back to the title is one year too long to wait/should I...
  4. LukeS7

    [GROUP TRIP GUIDE] Where to start?

    I'm currently trying to get a large group of friends together to go for a trip in either late 2018 or mid-2019. The group would have ~40 people and we'd be spending 3 days in Disney and 3 days in Universal. Does anyone know where I should start with even just estimating pricing? Would I be able...
  5. LukeS7

    Disney Animated app

    Does anybody know what happened to this app? https://dcpi.disney.com/disney-animated-app-celebrates-the-new-frozen-trailer/ I used it in a demo on an iPad like 2 years ago and now it seems to have been completely removed from existence.
  6. LukeS7

    Space Mountain Closure

    Was just in line for Space Mountain for a fastpass and about to be loaded on when they stopped the ride. They said if it was a short wait, they'd be back up and moving soon, but within 2 minutes they asked all available cast members to go somewhere (don't know where) and we were told to move to...
  7. LukeS7

    Pre-Trip 2 Week Getaway

    We're doing 5 days in Universal (Cabana Bay Beach Resort) and 8 days in Disney (Art of Animation). Just left the house for the airport, will update when we get back, just wanted a placeholder!
  8. LukeS7

    Photo Suggestions

    Not sure if this is the best sub-forum to put this under, but I'm going down to Universal/Disney for 2 weeks starting the 9th and I figured I would post here to see if anybody wants photos of any specific things (stuff under construction, new stuff, etc.) since I'll be taking my DSLR with me.
  9. LukeS7

    New Monorail Resort Dining Experience Announced

    Haven't seen anybody post about this yet: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2016/11/new-highway-in-the-sky-dine-around-launches-dec-2-at-walt-disney-world-resort/ As someone who's never eaten at any of the resort restaurants, I may take advantage of this during my upcoming trip, so I can...
  10. LukeS7

    Any Suggestions?

    I will be going on a 13 day trip starting January 9th, we're staying on-site at Cabana Bay and going to Universal from the 10-13th and then staying on-site at AoA and going to WDW from the 14-20th (flying back the 21st). I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions of things to do/places to...
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