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    Halloween Party Photopass discount?

    Hi all, I attended the Halloween Party a few weeks ago at the MK and had some Photopass pictures taken. I kept hearing that since they weren't doing the free family photo this year, that they were giving 50% off a photopass picture. Now that we're home we were looking at our pictures...
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    True Colors mp3?

    Just wondering if anyone had any idea on where to find a high quality copy of the True Colors song from the old HISTA pre-show. I've looked for a while on Kazaa and Winmx, and haven't had much luck on #disney-central either. If anyone could help out I'd really appreciate it. CoP
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    Polynesian Torch lights?

    This may sound like a weird question...someone I know who just visited the Polynesian said they didn't see the torch lights on while they were there (they didn't stay there, just visited one night). I'm guessing that either they just didn't notice or that the torches might have been off for...
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