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  1. mcompanik

    OKW near hospitality house

    Hello everyone! We are planning next years trip and I have a couple of questions about Old Key West. What buildings are "near hospitality house"? I noticed that they book up first. Are they just 11, 12, 13, and 14? We will have a car, so is it worth it? Is there parking at the Hospitality House...
  2. mcompanik

    Refillable mug station at Ft Wilderness?

    Hey everyone! Is there refillable mug stations at Ft Wilderness? If so, where? We have stayed there twice, and for the life of me, I can't remember. Thanks in advance, and have a Magical Day!!
  3. mcompanik

    2016 Disney Armed Forces Salute

    Just received an email that Disney will be renewing the Armed Forces Salute discounts for 2016 at 3:00 today! For those of us who use the discount, this is great news. Thank you Disney!!
  4. mcompanik

    Walt's office gone from DHS

    Here is a pic taken tonight of the picture covering the window.
  5. mcompanik

    No DVC Sliders?

    Just an update, We checked in on August 8th and asked at the front desk. The cast member looked at me like I had 2 heads when I told her what member services said. She said that they had PLENTY (she showed me a huge bag of them) and she was happy to give us some. So, if anyone else didn't get...
  6. mcompanik

    Walt's office gone from DHS

    We were at Hollywood Studios yesterday and stopped by One Man's Dream. There is a drawing of Disneyland over the window where the copy of Walt's office was. I talked to a cast member and she said that everything was being packed up to be moved to the Disney family museum in CA. I am glad that we...
  7. mcompanik

    Honestly, how bad is the Green Line for Mission:Space?

    I get queasy easily and the thing that helps me are ginger pills. I take 1 15 minutes prior to the ride and I haven't had any problems. My DS is the same way and they help him too. You can get them any place that sells vitamins.
  8. mcompanik

    No DVC Sliders?

    I called Member Services on Friday to reserve our spot for the Typhoon Lagoon Beach Bash and I asked them again about the sliders and was told again that they were a limited offering and if I didn't get them, they must have run out of them. Since we are staying at Saratoga Springs, we plan on...
  9. mcompanik

    No DVC Sliders?

    This is the response I got from chatting with Member Services: " The Disney Vacation Club Sliders were a limited offering, therefore, if you did not receive them they are no longer available."
  10. mcompanik

    No DVC Sliders?

    I'm going to call member services. I tried earlier, but apparently their system is down AGAIN:banghead:.
  11. mcompanik

    No DVC Sliders?

    I have disassembled the box because that was my first thought. I had made the reservation through DVC member services on the phone. P.S. I like how your signature is different colors. I am going to try to change mine now.
  12. mcompanik

    No DVC Sliders?

    Hi Guys! We are DVC members staying on points this August at SSR. We just received our Magic Bands in the mail yesterday and there were no DVC member sliders. Did they do away with them or did they just make a mistake? Are they available at the desk? Thanks and have a Magical Day!
  13. mcompanik

    DVC Luau Experiance and Presentation?

    We did this in January. The presentation was held at Saratoga Springs. It started with a ukulele player, 2 poly dancers, then a video. We were separated into groups and our group had the appetizers then toured the rooms. After, we had ice cream and took pictures with Stitch. Absolutely NO...
  14. mcompanik

    Poly phase 2?

    When I called member services to book our December trip at our 7 month window, I tried to get The Poly (not our home resort), but due to an appointment I was unable to call at 9:00 and missed out. I was told that there was going to be a phase 2 of the studios and more buildings were being...
  15. mcompanik

    Epcot 35th Anniversary

    I hope so. At least some merchandise and a fireworks tag like they did for the 30th. We already have the trip on the calendar. We will be staying at Beach Club or Boardwalk to be close to the action!
  16. mcompanik

    " Journey Into Imagination: The Tragic Tale of Disney's Lost Attraction Masterpiece" article

    The whole pavilion definitely needs to change. The first time I saw the Mystic Manor ride through, I said that they could use the same ride, just change the characters and story. I'm not sure if it would fit in the current pavilions space, but even if it was a bit smaller, it would be better...
  17. mcompanik

    Foster Kids and AP's

    That is very interesting. We are foster parents in CT and are encouraged to take the kids with us wherever we go, especially to WDW. The only exception would be if the child was a "flight risk". We have to ask permission to take them out of state and fill out a form, but it is very easy.We also...
  18. mcompanik

    How many times...?

    1. 12 times (9 since 2009) 2. August 2014 3. January 2015, August 2015, December 2015 4. MK - Mr. Toads Wild Ride. Oh wait, never mind.... Peter Pan's Flight Epcot - Horizons. Oh wait, never mind.... Illuminations HS - Backlot Tour. Oh wait, never mind... Tower of Terror AK - Camp Minnie...
  19. mcompanik

    Having guests at your resort

    We are staying at Ft Wilderness Cabins and my DW has a childhood friend who lives in the area. My question is what is the policy on having guests at your resort? We wouldn't be using any of the amenities at the resort, we just want to have them over for dinner.
  20. mcompanik

    Disney extends Military Salute Special for 2015

    Here is a site that gives you everything you need to know about the Disney Armed Forces Salute: http://www.militarydisneytips.com/blog/disney-armed-forces-salute/disneys-armed-forces-salute-has-been-renewed-for-2014-2015
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