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  1. mcompanik

    OKW near hospitality house

    Hello everyone! We are planning next years trip and I have a couple of questions about Old Key West. What buildings are "near hospitality house"? I noticed that they book up first. Are they just 11, 12, 13, and 14? We will have a car, so is it worth it? Is there parking at the Hospitality House...
  2. mcompanik

    Refillable mug station at Ft Wilderness?

    Hey everyone! Is there refillable mug stations at Ft Wilderness? If so, where? We have stayed there twice, and for the life of me, I can't remember. Thanks in advance, and have a Magical Day!!
  3. mcompanik

    2016 Disney Armed Forces Salute

    Just received an email that Disney will be renewing the Armed Forces Salute discounts for 2016 at 3:00 today! For those of us who use the discount, this is great news. Thank you Disney!!
  4. mcompanik

    Walt's office gone from DHS

    We were at Hollywood Studios yesterday and stopped by One Man's Dream. There is a drawing of Disneyland over the window where the copy of Walt's office was. I talked to a cast member and she said that everything was being packed up to be moved to the Disney family museum in CA. I am glad that we...
  5. mcompanik

    No DVC Sliders?

    Hi Guys! We are DVC members staying on points this August at SSR. We just received our Magic Bands in the mail yesterday and there were no DVC member sliders. Did they do away with them or did they just make a mistake? Are they available at the desk? Thanks and have a Magical Day!
  6. mcompanik

    Poly phase 2?

    When I called member services to book our December trip at our 7 month window, I tried to get The Poly (not our home resort), but due to an appointment I was unable to call at 9:00 and missed out. I was told that there was going to be a phase 2 of the studios and more buildings were being...
  7. mcompanik

    Having guests at your resort

    We are staying at Ft Wilderness Cabins and my DW has a childhood friend who lives in the area. My question is what is the policy on having guests at your resort? We wouldn't be using any of the amenities at the resort, we just want to have them over for dinner.
  8. mcompanik

    2015 Booking?

    Does anyone know when Disney historically opens booking for the following year? I went on today to get an idea of what I am looking at as far as pricing for next years vacation.
  9. mcompanik

    When will the Poly start selling?

    We are looking at buying into DVC this time next year. We would love to have The Poly as our home resort and were wondering when they will start selling them. What has been the history as far as when construction begins and when the points go on sale?
  10. mcompanik

    MagicBand PIN selection

    Staying at Pop Century and checking in on January 24th. We were able to customize our bands and they are ready to go. We have our credit card on file for expenses (did it when we made the reservation). We do not have our tickets yet. We will be purchasing the military park hoppers when we get...
  11. mcompanik

    Magic Bands for all resorts starting October 23rd.

    Not sure if this was reported, but I just got off the phone with Guest Services and the cast member told me that Magic Bands will be rolled out at all the resorts starting October 23rd.
  12. mcompanik

    Disney to stop issuing paper stock certificates

    NEW YORK (AP) — Disney's paper stock certificates are heading off to Never Never Land. The stock certificates, with images of Mickey Mouse, Dumbo and Tinker Bell on them, have long been collector's items and a fixture in many children's bedrooms. They are a popular gift among parents...
  13. mcompanik

    Disney has renewed the Armed Forces Salute for 2013-2014

    Info can be found here: http://www.militarydisneytips.com/blog/disney-armed-forces-salute/disneys-armed-forces-salute-has-been-renewed-for-2013-2014/
  14. mcompanik

    Concierge vs Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom

    We will be booking our 2014 cruise while we are on our cruise at the end of August (Want to take advantage of the discount). I was looking at the pricing for a Cat 04A stateroom and for the heck of it, a Concierge Cat 00V and noticed the price difference is minimal. What exactly do you get with...
  15. mcompanik

    Mickey Mail

    We are now only 45 days away from our next Cruise on the Dream, and every day I check to see if our Mickey Mail with our luggage tags came, and every day I have been disappointed. I could swear that on our last cruise we received them around 60 days out. Am I just impatient, or should I call...
  16. mcompanik

    1st Time Cruiser first day questions

    We are sailing on The Dream in October and I have questions about boarding and the first day on board. We were able to get a port arrival time of 11:00-11:30 and plan to be there right at 11:00. How long after we arrive at the port until we board the ship on average? Once we are on the ship, can...
  17. mcompanik

    Golf Cart Rental?

    We are planning our trip for August 2013 and will be staying at Ft Wilderness. Are there any off-site golf cart rental companies that deliver to the resort like Buena Vista Scooters does for ECV's?
  18. mcompanik

    Military Discounts

    Does anyone know when Disney usually releases the military discounts? We are planning a trip for October, and the current discounts expire September 30th.
  19. mcompanik

    Essential Movies to Watch Before First Trip

    We have a trip planned for this May with our 2 sons and a 5 year old foster child. This will be the 5 year old's first trip to WDW. I have put together a list of movies for him to watch before we go so he has a better understanding of who the characters are, and some back story to some of the...
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