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    The Breakdown Award?

    Hahaha we call it something similar: "It's a Small World Senor"
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    Main Stree Music/Songs

    Are you thinking of the song Fortuosity? That is usually the song everyone thinks of from Main Street. If that is the song, it can be found on The Walt Disney Resort Official Album. I just got that CD when I was there earlier in the month and it's amazing! I'm addicted to it!
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    dumbest disney ride ever built

    LoL oops!!! I said TT breaks like my Grandpa and I really meant brakes. Sorry about that. But since I mentioned it, TT does break a lot too. :D
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    Best gift sho p in all of WDW

    I think the Lego Imagination Center is really cool.
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    dumbest disney ride ever built

    I agree, however there is one thing that really ticks me off about it. Does it really have to break like my Grandpa??? That's what keeps me from riding it over and over. LoL hmmm...maybe there's a hidden message here: Test Track=GM=Buick=Grandpa. :D j/k
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    dumbest disney ride ever built

    Yeah I know. I guess they did a pretty good job on it, considering the limitations fake animals inflict. :D LoL i guess it's just not my thing.
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    So... What is the Best ride EVER?

    I'm with JAY-ROD. I could ride ToT and RR a million times in a row w/o getting sick of it!!!
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    dumbest disney ride ever built

    LOL!!! You sound like the type of person who would do that Disjosh. :D j/k
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    Best WDW resort game room...

    I like the Contemp's game room the best, too. Although, we haven't been there in about 5 years b/c we don't have enough time anymore. :(
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    Best themed pool at a WDW resort...

    Yeah the new Polynesian pool is really cool! The slide is pretty fun. The best thing about it is you have a perfect view of the MK's fireworks. If you watch the fireworks from the pool, float on your back so your eyes are out of the water and your ears are in the water so you can hear the...
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    dumbest disney ride ever built

    Oh yeah, and the new JII sucks big time.
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    dumbest disney ride ever built

    Why was it a disappointment space*mt*ranger? I don't even remember the first time I went on it but I think I really liked it. And I still do, 20 times later. It's definitley not scary, though. I think Jungle Cruise is the worst ride. I know a lot of people like it, but fake animals just...
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    please say no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Didn't they already have a countdown to show clock right inside the door?
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    Countdown to Extinction to return to original form?

    And the Time Rovers still say CTX on them, too.
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    Could somebody please help?

    Are you sure they changed it? I can't exactly remember back to CTX but I think it still feels the same. I dunno maybe I have bad memory.
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    Could somebody please help?

    And when you're looking backwards from the last car of BTM, look through the chains taking you up the first hill. There is a little room down there with a bench or two and lockers for the CMs. :)
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    Stupidest thing u have seen a tourist do?

    LOL!!! I've seen at least three people take pictures of the pictures of themselves on Splash Mountain. Do they actually think that is going to come out?
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    Song most likely to invade your head

    And thanks for sticking up for me Disjosh! :) It's not our fault we like out of state. LoL do you think I wanna live in New Jersey??? :D
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    Song most likely to invade your head

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :eek: ANYTHING BUT THAT!!! I'M NOT A TOURIST I SWEAR!!! I don't gawk at things and i know my way around blindfolded. Plllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee take it back!!!
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    Song most likely to invade your head

    Disjosh's a tourie!!! Disjosh's a tourie!!! Disjosh's a tourie!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
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