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  1. Sapr15

    Updated People Mover Audio

    Just got off my first ride on the PM since SGE has shut down for seasonal operation. I assumed since the ride has been deemed "seasonal" & not officially closed that the PM audio would remain the same. But to my surprise it was nothing but background music around the entire building. It was very...
  2. Sapr15

    October 1st 45th Anniversary Specials!

    Does anyone know if anything special is happening at MK on October 1st due to the 45th anniversary? "Shows, parades or any special events" Heading out to MK tomorrow night & was hoping for something cool/special. Thanks!
  3. Sapr15

    Planet Hollywood Resort planned for area near Walt Disney World

    Im assuming this more adult oriented resort. Renderings look awesome! Cant wait to see the interior design of the building! Anyone have any insider insight on the new project?
  4. Sapr15

    Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride Projection?

    Hey guys! Just curious if anyone has any insight on how Disney achieves the facial projections on the new animatronics. Its truly an amazing effect. Of curious this is used through out the mine ride for the dwarfs, but ive seen it used in other rides as well such as the new Frozen ride in Epcot...
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