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  1. HannaBanana

    Disney's Barber Shop Expectations

    So I want to book an appointment for my sister and myself but I'm not really too sure how it all works. First off do they just trim your hair and give it some color? By the looks of the pics I found that seems to be the case but would they do that with dark red hair? I just rather not waste...
  2. HannaBanana

    Thumper meet and greet?

    Can you still meet Thumper at AK or has that changed? I just got wind of the possibility of going Orlando next year and since I haven't been since 2009 a lot sure has changed. He's my favourite character too. ;)
  3. HannaBanana

    Typhoon Lagoon and the Wave Pool Floor

    So I haven't been to Disney World since 2009 but I was browsing through some old photos and came across Typhoon Lagoon's wave pool. Memories of the floor in the wave pool ripping my water shoes on the sides and getting some cuts and scratches on my feet. I remember standing right where the wave...
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