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    Love Bugs!

    So we are planning to visit WDW in May 2022. I want the real skinny on the love bug situation. We have a 7 year old who I fear may be terrified of them as she is averse to bugs in general. We want to prepare her but fear actually scaring her more than anything. Currently we are hoping for May...
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    Room Prices Exploding?

    Just wondered what thoughts might be on room prices at WDW. I am going to be booking a 1 and 2 bdrm villa at AKL for 14 nights and the pricing seems to have gone through the roof. I will be going next year in May so right now I can only see March 2022 pricing but it’s coming in around $3000 a...
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    Beach Club Villas Discount?

    Here once again for some advice if possible. Planning a split stay for a large group for next year. Hope to do 1 week at AKL and another week at Beach Club Villas. We would need both a 1 bdrm and a 2 bdrm Villa. I was perusing the usual discounts Disney gives and it appears AKL usually gets 30%...
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    Magic Bands a must?

    Hi everyone. Back again for more sage advice from you Disney vets out there. Big extended family trip in the works for next year and it is a first time for all four grandchildren and some of the children as well. We were disappointed to see the magic bands are being phased out, although I know...
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    How to book a villa!?

    People on these boards have been so helpful so here I am again asking for help and information! I am needing to book two villas (1 bdrm and 2 bdrm) for a week at both AKL and Beach club for May 2022. I was so excited to see bookings open up today but crashed to earth later when I found out...
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    To WDW or not in May 2022

    I am looking for some Disney expert opinions here. I am planning a large family vacation for my husband and I and our daughters families in May 2022. So that is 6 adults and 4 grandchildren. The grandkids have never been to WDW before so I really want the trip to be a great experience. We are...
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    To WDW or not in May 2022?

    I am preparing to book an extensive WDW trip in May 2022 for my husband and I and our two daughters families. So a total of 6 adults and 4 children. This will mark the first trip for all the grandchildren and I was hoping for a return to normalcy as much as possible. I would be doing this...
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    WDW 50th crazy??

    So I had a trip planned for Oct 2020 but we had to cancel (9 of us) due to the wonderful unexpected news of a baby boy who would be joining our family at the same time! Needless to say we are looking at rebooking. I am wondering how crazy you all feel WDW is likely to be in October 2021 Due to...
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    Split stay/Same resort

    I wonder if I can get some further expert advice here. Currently I have two reservations for myself and my daughter at Kidani Village in October of this year. We do not have the same dates as they were originally only able to come 5 days later than ourselves. I have everything booked this way...
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    Second choice DVC rental?

    So I have submitted my request for both a one and two bedroom Villa for Oct next year, renting DVC points. I did not name a second option as I was hoping to be clear that I really wanted AKL. We will have a 1, 3 and 5 year old with us. Now I am pondering what to do if my request can’t be...
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    Help with first time booking

    I am treating my family to their first Disney World trip Oct 2020 and we require a 1 bdrm and a 2 bdrm villa for 12 nights. So as not to have to take a bank loan for this (!) I am considering using David’s Vacation Club and renting the points required. They have been extremely helpful with all...
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