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  1. sxeensweet

    Candleight Processional Dining packages now available :)

    The CP dining packages went live today to book. I was able to book mine for 12/4 at Via Napoli. ;)
  2. sxeensweet

    FYI about the Dining Plan :)

    As many of us already know you can always add a dining plan to a ticketless reservation if you are an AP holder or a DVC member. Well as they say you learn something new every day. I just found out today that ANYONE who books any room at a Disney Resort can add a dining plan WITHOUT adding...
  3. sxeensweet

    Poll: Teppan Edo or Tokyo Dining?

    Quick poll for everyone.. Me and DH have room to add another dining reservation (to our many lol) to our trip starting next week until 10/26. EXCITED as always!! We never tried either yet and know all about their differences etc as one is hibachi and one is not etc and what the menus offer. I...
  4. sxeensweet

    "Look Inside Banksy’s Creepy Disney-Inspired Amusement Park"

    Saw this new article on BuzzFeed today. This is in England and thought this was pretty interesting, creepy but interesting. Lol The exhibit is described as an amusement park that is the nightmare version of Disney World. So much creepier than the fake photos of an abandoned WDW that have gone...
  5. sxeensweet

    Food&Wine Hibachi Experience ...

    I was just wondering if anyone has done the Hibachi Experience at Food & Wine fest? We have done other special events but never did this one. Me and DH already know the price and that it's a 6 course meal w/Sake pairings for each course, etc. Just wanting to know if those of you that have...
  6. sxeensweet

    Does Tusker House have the juice like at Boma/Kona?

    We have eaten at Boma and Kona for breakfast many times and love the Lilokai juice/POG. Our question is does Tusker House have the juice like this there for breakfast as well? I know Tusker House breakfast is very similar to Boma so I thought this may be possible. I want to try Tusker House...
  7. sxeensweet

    Finally!! Pet items are in the parks! :)

    https://www.facebook.com/insidethemagic/posts/10152717495347035 I'm sure many of you like me have been waiting on items to buy for our furry children when we visit WDW. :)
  8. sxeensweet

    Noticed Animal Kingdom later hours in late Fall??

    I happened to notice something odd when recently looking at the hours again for each park for our upcoming trip 10/28-11/9. AK is open until 8pm several nights for regular hours. I have never seen this at this time of year and only during the summer months if ever. Does anyone know why or...
  9. sxeensweet

    Magic Band Shipping question :)

    My Magic Bands are supposed to arrive today. Yay!! For those who have already gotten theirs do I have to sign for them because I may not be home when they deliver them? Hoping not b/c I don't feel like having to make a trip to our UPS facility. And I'll have to do it twice if that's the case...
  10. sxeensweet

    About to cancel Le Cellier for 12/6 at 7:45pm

    Just letting anyone looking for a ressie for 2 at Le Cellier on 12/6 @ 7:45pm I'm going to cancel in about 10 min. We have plans to do the D23 event that day and are going to Le Cellier on Monday 12/9 instead. :)
  11. sxeensweet

    JIko or Cali Grill?? Tough decision! :)

    Me and DH have tried most of the signature restaurants well probably about half and we are already doing a few others on the trip that we love. My dilemma is the night of our arrival and before MVMCP we can't decide between Cali Grill or Jiko (we are staying at Kidani our home resort) both of...
  12. sxeensweet

    Bongos/Dining Plan ?

    I had posted this a while back but did not get any responses. Our question is me and DH are on the dining plan as usual and we want to get the Paella as our entree which is meant and priced to share..will the dining plan cover this by making it count for both of our entrees or will we just have...
  13. sxeensweet

    Paper to RFid card???

    We recently got 4-5 day park hopper passes for joining DVC. My question is can those older paper type of cards be converted to the RFID cards when we get there? Like can we put 2 of those passes onto 1 RFID card for to make it a 10 day park hopper on one single RFID card?? I'm asking because I...
  14. sxeensweet

    All Booked!!

    Today was my day to make my ressies. We got everything we wanted. We have a few new places that we are trying as we like to try new places each trip. I'm sure I may have to make some changes as it gets closer but here is the ones me and DH have booked: (booked all online in less than 30 min...
  15. sxeensweet

    Can Paella at Bongos be ordered on Dining Plan?

    Me and my DH want to try Bongos and we really want to order the Paella platter that serves 2. My question is can you use the dining plan for that menu item and it just count as both persons entree?? We have heard it is really good and it will be something different to try this time. :)
  16. sxeensweet


    Just was wondering as I put a name for a referral for DVC, did I miss out on something? I know the member I referred gets an incentive back but is there any current incentives I should have gotten myself for having a referral when joining? I know they have done that in the past but all I can...
  17. sxeensweet

    We did it!!! :)

    So excited!!! After much consideration we have bought 220 points into Animal Kingdom Villas. We weighed all our options and chose to buy direct for 10 years but plan to pay it off in 5-6 years. Also our first non paying (we have paid to stay in villas the last 3 vacations! Lol) is booked for...
  18. sxeensweet

    Which DVC resort to choose?

    Hi Everyone, Me and the hubby are seriously considering buying into DVC this month but are at a loss of which home resort to choose. We have stayed at Kidani in a 1 bedroom Savannah view and also at SSR. We are buying direct and do not want to do resale for various reasons. SSR is...
  19. sxeensweet

    Grapefruit Cake

    I know I had seen info on this before but couldn't find anything again...Can you get the Grapefruit cake at another location in Hollywood Sudios other than at the restaurant?? Me and my DH wanted to try it this trip coming and do not have a desire to eat at the restaurant it's available at. :)
  20. sxeensweet

    D23 Magic&Merriment 12/9-12/10 Roll Call

    Hey Everyone I just purchased my tickets to my first D23 Magic and Merriment Event!!! I will be attending with my DH on 12/9-12/10. Who else will be joining me on those dates?? Very excited!! I planned our trip just so we would be there and be able to attend. We will be in the world...
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