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  1. Wilt Dasney

    Do you read the news?

    Very simple question: Do you keep up with the news while you're at you-know-where? I know many people will say no. I do, though. In fact, the advent of smartphones has made it possible for me to keep up with news while I'm actually *in the parks.* This will strike many of you as blasphemy and...
  2. Wilt Dasney

    Disney pushing looser contract law for dealing with travel agents

    This is kind of a wonky story, but the bottom line is Disney is lobbying to end a Florida law requiring them to have written contracts with outside agents who sell their products (i.e., travel agents). The law also gives the agents the right to sue for big damages if they aren't paid properly...
  3. Wilt Dasney

    WDW needs a "port of entry"...agree or disagree

    Stick with me on this. It takes me a little bit to chart out this thought, but I think there's a real payoff here. So I'm streaming one of the D-Tunes stations and listening to the Disneyland entrance loop...not the park loop, but a version from the central Disneyland Resort entrance plaza (or...
  4. Wilt Dasney

    Coast-to-Coast challenge?

    Now that so many of us have gotten our medals from WDW, is anyone else ready to take on the DL half marathon and earn the coveted Coast-to-Coast medal? I'm very excited about the chance to run through all 6 American Disney parks in one year, especially since Disney recognizes it with an extra...
  5. Wilt Dasney

    Disney T-shirt pokes fun at clueless guests

    I don't know how long this shirt has been for sale, but I just saw it during my trip last week. It surprised me, because this phrase has become Cast Member shorthand for every stupid things guests say. It's not something I'd expect to see emblazoned on a T-shirt and being sold in the parks...
  6. Wilt Dasney

    My WDW Marathon report

    Cross-posting this from my Facebook, for the amusement of anyone here who cares to read my race ramblings! ---- Here's my somewhat stream-of-consciousness report of my Walt Disney World marathon experience. I've divided it into 3 parts, covering the hours before the race, the race itself and...
  7. Wilt Dasney

    Epic Mickey COMPLETE item checklist

    There are some very helpful online sources of Epic Mickey information, but I haven't found one that points out all the game's collectibles in a chronological format. I have found lists of certain categories of items, and walkthroughs that don't cover everything. I decided to assemble a complete...
  8. Wilt Dasney

    runDisney training videos w/ Jeff Galloway

    Anyone looking for some expert advice during race training might want to check out this page. Jeff Galloway is the official trainer for runDisney. So far, he has made 3 videos for Disney training, covering the run-walk-run method, proper running/walking form, and cadence drills. It looks like...
  9. Wilt Dasney

    Disneyland hostess files complaint over Muslim head scarf

    http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5its8dDeg3HCpYxbGgw9Lg3Kw1ItwD9HM79DG0 Muslim employee: Disney banned her head scarf By GILLIAN FLACCUS (AP) – 5 hours ago ANAHEIM, Calif. — A Muslim woman who works as a hostess at a Disneyland restaurant alleged Wednesday the theme park would...
  10. Wilt Dasney

    Disney Employee, Friend Nabbed in Insider Trading Scheme

  11. Wilt Dasney

    Disney should sell DVDs of extinct atractions

    Watching footage of the old Walt Disney Story on Widen Your World, and it occurs to me...a DVD of this would probably sell. In fact, why not in-cab or in-theater recordings of all the bemoaned classics, like Horizons, 20K and Mr. Toad? That could go for a premium price, I'm thinking. Disney...
  12. Wilt Dasney

    2010 WDWMagic March Madness...bigger! (hopefully better)

    I started this little tradition 8 years ago in my very first post...and I'm not about to let it die! But I've also changed in the last 8 years. When I drew up the first WDWMagic brackets, I was looking into the WDW College Program and was absolutely obsessed with the Florida resort. Last year...
  13. Wilt Dasney

    The Official Disney Video Thread

    I don't know if this idea will take off or not, but I'm going to give it a try. Sometimes I'll come across something on Youtube that I think the crowd here would appreciate, and generally I start a new thread for it. A few people comment on how cool it is, but there's not a lot of discussion...
  14. Wilt Dasney

    Disney pays $700K for LA Times' front page Alice ad

    Times Sells Disney Its Front Page for $700K By Sharon Waxman Published: March 05, 2010 Updated at 11:45 and again at 3:00 pm: An insider at the L.A. TImes confirmed that the paper received in the ballpark of $700,000 for the four-page spread that acted...
  15. Wilt Dasney

    Is the Internet making us ADD?

    It's not a new idea, but it's one I've been thinking about today. Earlier, I read a lengthy Atlantic piece called "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" The guy talks about how he just can't read the way he used to: sitting down with a book for hours, and flipping page after page. His attention...
  16. Wilt Dasney

    Does CoP make sense without Horizons?

    Watching Martin's (rather fantastic) Horizons tribute video for the first time in a while, and was struck by his description of Horizons as a sequel to CoP. Obviously it makes sense, since CoP tracks the progress of technology through the past and gives just a fleeting nod to the future, while...
  17. Wilt Dasney

    In Sweden, Disney cartoons define Christmas

    Came across this story about the Swedish tradition of watching a 50-year-old collection of Disney cartoons on TV every Christmas eve. The tradition is apparently so ingrained that the slightest changes over the years, like substituting the Ugly Duckling for Ferdinand the Bull or moving it from...
  18. Wilt Dasney

    "Frog" inspires writers to examine Disney's racial history

    Best title I could come up with to tie together two similar editorials. My own paper ran this one over the weekend, where author/professor Douglas Brode uses the opening of the Princess and the Frog to examine Song of the South and argue that the long-time ban on that film is unjustified...
  19. Wilt Dasney

    Nightmare Before Christmas on Disney Channel este momento

    Seriously. Right now.
  20. Wilt Dasney

    "Christmas Shoes" — yea or nay?

    I read a lot of negative reaction to this song online. It seems to provoke a visceral disgust among a lot of people I know. Just curious as to whether that represents the feelings of most people or only the most vocal. Private poll here, so your username doesn't show up with your choice. Be...
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