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  1. wickedfan07

    Hypothetical Theater Swap at DHS

    We all know how much the average Disney fan hates the Sorcerer's Hat at DHS. Just for fun, imagine this hypothetical situation: Disney removes the Sorcerer's Hat. Assuming the original purpose of the hat (besides serving as a decoration for a marketing campaign from 10 years ago) was to...
  2. wickedfan07

    Primeval Whirl Refurbishment

    Primeval Whirl closed on the 17th and will be closed until April 5. does anyone know what work is being done? I know it wad closed for several months a year or two ago as well. I also found it interesting that both Kali Rivers Rapids and Primeval Whirl were closed at the same time for two...
  3. wickedfan07

    Symphony In the Stars video from YouTube

    I don't know if anyone has posted this before. My apologies if this link is already in another thread. Attractions Magazine posted this video of the special fireworks show from Last Tour to Endor on YouTube. Looks like it was pretty awesome! Here is the link...
  4. wickedfan07

    Questions: Ticket Price Increase and MVMCP '09

    I have two questions for anyone who is willing to assist: My family is planning a trip to WDW for December 2009. (We are planning on staying off-site.) We would probably purchase our admission mdia as soon as we know we will be making the trip. Suppose there is a ticket price increase on...
  5. wickedfan07

    MVMCP Dates for 2009

    My family and I are tossing around dates for a trip over the holidays this year. Does anyone know if disney has released the dates for this year's Mickey's Very Merry christmas Party yet? We're trying to decide if we should go before or after Christmas, and I just want to get an idea if the...
  6. wickedfan07

    Applying for the College Program

    I have a random question about the College Program for anyone who happens to know the answer. Can you apply to be a CP participant for the semester immediately following your graduation? I'm considering the CP, but the layout of my program in school is kind of unforgiving for any kind of...
  7. wickedfan07

    Sounds Dangerous - Closed 7/7-8/5

    Anyone else notice this? Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey: Closed for Refurbishment [July 7, 2008 to July 31, 2008] Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey: Closed for Refurbishment [August 1, 2008 to August 5, 2008] I realize no one really cares about this attraction, but I figured I'd post it...
  8. wickedfan07

    Walt Disney World vs. Dubailand (from MiceAge)

    Over at MiceAge, Kevin Yee has a new article that focuses on Dubailand and how its opening could affect WDW. It makes a few interesting points: If gas prices in the US stay high (or get higher!) over the long term, American tourists may be less likely to travel cross-country to visit WDW...
  9. wickedfan07

    Journey Into Imagination Question

    i have a quick question about the original Journey Into Imagination. I hope this thread gets noticed here. Questions: 1) Did the ImageWorks take up the entire upstairs, and was part of it downstaris as well? 2)Did the ride stay on one level, or did the ride get upstairs as well? (Did the...
  10. wickedfan07

    Wonders of Life Photos

    I know we're all very excited about Spaceship Earth right now, but I'd like to start a photo thread about its dying cousin, Wonders of Life. Does anyone have any good pictures of the pavilion from its heyday? Both inside and outside? If I was ever inside the pavilion, I was too young to...
  11. wickedfan07

    Question: WDI and the Oriental Land Company

    I was just thinking about Tokyo Disneyland and thought of an interesting question someone probably knows the answer to. I noticed that the only attractions shared between TDL and another Disney Park are attractions that were built somewhere else first, and then added to TDL afterwards. This...
  12. wickedfan07

    What are you most excited for in September 2007?

    Its almost September! Kids are going back to school, the Dining Plan is being given away, and leaves will start turning colors by the end of the month. I'm wondering...what about Walt Disney World in September 2007 excites you most? Is it the Haunted Mansion's reopening on the 13th? Is it...
  13. wickedfan07

    Presenting EpCake

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a picture with everyone. This is what I'm now calling the EpCake. Today is my 18th birthday, and I asked my Mom to make me a Spaceship Earth cake. This is what she came up with. Yes, it includes the wand, but at least this wand is tasty. :slurp: (And it...
  14. wickedfan07

    Sounds Dangerous Closed During Star Wars Weekends

    Hi everyone. I was just looking at the official WDW calendar and this popped up: Sounds Dangerous - Starring Drew Carey: Closed [May 31, 2007] Sounds Dangerous - Starring Drew Carey: Closed [June 1, 2007 to June 3, 2007] Sounds Dangerous - Starring Drew Carey: Closed [June 7, 2007 to June 10...
  15. wickedfan07

    Yahoo News - Anaheim OKs housing near Disneyland

    Just saw this on Yahoo. Sorry if its been posted before. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070426/ap_on_re_us/disneyland_housing_dispute
  16. wickedfan07

    disneyworld.com WoL Closing Quirk

    EDIT: Can a moderator lock this thread. The reason for it no longer exists. The "Quirk" in the title must have been a temporary goof, or my computer. Sorry!
  17. wickedfan07

    Driving to Disney - Your Thoughts?

    Hi Everyone! i'm hoping I can find some opinions here about driving to WDW. My family (5 people: my parents, myself (17), my sister (15), and my grandmother) are planning on driving down at the end of June. We live in northeastern Pennsylvania. We were originally considering driving straight...
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