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  1. LauraRose

    Disney experience won’t let me make reservations?

    Today I hit my 180 mark and when I went to make my reservations it was only showing me one day we are there which is the first day. I got my boyfriend to try it on his and he was able to make our reservations. After he done it, it says I can’t modify anything and my tickets don’t show on the...
  2. LauraRose

    May 2019 magic hours

    Just wondering when do Disney post the magic hours? We are visiting May 1st-15th and have to book reservations in about three weeks. Currently website only showing hours up till March. Does anyone know if they will have released Mays hours by then as I usually base my park days off EMH therefor...
  3. LauraRose

    Does blizzard beach have a pool that isn’t a wave pool?

    I’ve always been typhoon lagoon but the wave pool scares the crap out of me:facepalm:. I can swim pretty good but I can’t BARE the feeling of being under water. Plus for some reason if Orlando water goes in my eyes I go temporarily blind and it burns for so long. I just end up floating around...
  4. LauraRose

    Price gone up over £600 in a week?!

    Been looking at Coronado Springs 30th April next year for 14 nights and price was quoting £3341 for flights, room, QS dining plan and car hire. Now a week later it’s quoting £4030?? Does it always do this? It hasn’t even been a week, I’ve cleared all my cookies and cache.
  5. LauraRose

    Trip Report *COMPLETED*A 21st, a first timer, stuck on tower of terror and the never ending rain trip report!

    Hi guys! Came back from my trip to Disneyworld Wednesday and decided I best start my report as soon as, considering I slacked on notes and I’m going mainly off memory :banghead: You can find my failed pre trip report here...
  6. LauraRose

    Virgin Atlantic personal carry on item

    Bit of a long shot posting on here but wondering if someone can help me. I’m due to fly to Orlando in 2 weeks from the UK and flying with Virgin Atlantic. I have my cabin bag which I’ve always used with no bother but I’m struggling with my personal item. It says on website I can use a handbag...
  7. LauraRose

    Laundry at Caribbean Beach

    Going for 14 nights in May and we have always stayed off site and had washing machines on our floor. With being there such a while was hoping to swill a few favourite outfits and bikinis through as I go through two outfits a day. I’ve read the machines only take credit cards. I’m from the UK...
  8. LauraRose

    Park hopping with mid day rest? What time do you stay till

    I’m currently planning my trip in May for 2 weeks with my boyfriend. Every time I’ve been to Disney World I’ve been with parents and we’ve stayed off site. We always got to park at opening and stayed till around 4 but found the hours of 1-3 way too hot and crowded. I’m staying at Caribbean...
  9. LauraRose

    Pre-Trip A 21st and a first timer! Pre trip report!

    Hi guys, I have been on this site for a while but usually I am just a lurker and don't post much! I thought I would try a trip report for this Disney visit, try being the key word. So for those of you who don't know me (most of you) my name is Laura, I'm 20 and live in the UK. This will be my...
  10. LauraRose

    My Disney experience dining reservations

    Hi guys, I have a trip booked this upcoming May, I have done all my dining reservations however my boyfriends account won't link on them at all. It says my name and guest so when I modify and add his account as the guest it saves and 5 mins later goes back to unknown guest. He is linked onthe...
  11. LauraRose

    Best restaurant for 21st Birthday?

    Hi! Haven't posted on this forum in ages! I literally don't have a clue about Disney food, every time I've been to Disney I have been with my parents and we always stay on International Drive and eat there of a evening. However next May I'm going with my boyfriend and staying at Caribbean...
  12. LauraRose

    Linking resort to My Disney Experience UK

    Hello, I booked Pop Century around three weeks ago for May 2016. I received an invoice with a reference number but no conformation number. I called Disney reservations just now and they re sent the invoice and said that is the conformation, however they is no conf number to link the resort. The...
  13. LauraRose

    Has this room sold out?

    Hello, I was looking on booking the AoA little mermaid room for next May, when I checked the website about a hour ago it was showing up. However now, it is only showing the suites! I am looking for the 9th of may for 14 night, just wondering if the chances are this is because they is no rooms...
  14. LauraRose

    Most disappointing attraction?

    What attractions did you find to be most of a let down? Mine are: 7DMT Voyage of the little mermaid Finding Nemo musical HM (don't understand the hype) Test Track was slightly disappointing too. Also has anyone seen the new Cinderella popcorn bucket for the new movie? SO CUTE...
  15. LauraRose

    How to get over the disappointment of a cancelled trip?

    I was meant to be going to WDW for 2 weeks in the upcoming July with the boyfriend, but due to expenses and times we can't go and will have to look for 2016. I literally feel awful, we are booking another holiday for a week in the canary islands which looks beautiful, but it's certainly no...
  16. LauraRose

    Favourite feature at WDW

    What's your favourite feature if you will, not really attractions just something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy :inlove: Aside from cinderella castle mine would be the partner statue or the rose garden. Also love the little garden in Canada in epcot! So beautiful
  17. LauraRose

    Walmart in Lake Buena and booking an american hotel from UK?

    Staying at best western Lake Buena Vista, as we are travelling from England we need to buy food we can bring to the parks as snacks, was wondering if anyone knows the closest Walmart? I have a big list of make up I want to buy as well, as on my last visit I only got to go to Sephora and the...
  18. LauraRose

    Hidden magic of Walt Disney World

    Has anyone read this book? Meant to be getting as a Christmas present but hoping it isn't full of secrets that are already on this website and others? Sorry if this is the wrong board not sure where to post.
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