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  1. tommcp516

    Chef Mickey's--Earliest Reservation during Extended MK hours?

    It looks like Chef Mickey's currently offers 7:30 am as the earliest available reservation (while MK's scheduled opening is at 9 am). If MK's hours are expanded during Easter week to open at 8 am (like it did during Christmas week), does Chef Mickey's offer earlier times for reservation (like...
  2. tommcp516

    Pre-Trip Eenie...Meenie...Miney...Dough: Booking (and re-booking...and re-booking) our April 2021 Trip ***COMPLETED***

    AKA The NeverEnding 'Reservation' Hi! My name’s Tom. Welcome to my first-ever (Pre) Trip Report… To start off, I’d like to thank a few forum members: @Tuvalu , @Darstarr, @fractal , @DisneyGigi , @MickeyCB , @riverside and everyone else who has taken the time to post a trip report (or 2…or...
  3. tommcp516

    News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021

    After seeing a comment on another board about people reporting that their April CR reservations were being moved to GF, I called WDW this morning to see if my reservation on 4/8-4/10 would be affected. They confirmed that rooms in the Tower are being refurbished but that they're beginning with...
  4. tommcp516

    Contemporary-Issues with walking to MK for opening?

    I recently read a comment on another WDW site that mentioned people reporting being held up at the security checkpoint on the walkway from CR to MK for over 15 minutes prior to opening and watching as the Disney buses carrying guests from other resorts drove by and dropped them off ahead of...
  5. tommcp516

    Access to Parks at Opening

    So reviewing these forums, it seems that, since Covid, there isn't a literal "rope drop" at opening for the parks to avoid big crowds for social distancing. My understanding is that they are letting people into the park about 45-60 minutes before the posted opening time, so that they can line up...
  6. tommcp516

    Most Efficient Method to Arrive at Parks for Opening

    The basics: We'll be staying at CBR from April 3-8, then one night at AK-Kidani from April 8-9. Since it's Easter week, I'm anticipating very large crowds and wait times, so I want us to arrive at the parks each day to be in prime position when they open to reach our high-priority rides with as...
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