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  1. LarryStoken

    Favorite meal every eaten at WDW?

    The Fool on the Hill sees the world spinning 'round
  2. LarryStoken

    Favorite meal every eaten at WDW?

    How can anyone post their favorite dining experience when they can't even see this thread? :lookaroun
  3. LarryStoken

    Favorite meal every eaten at WDW?

    feel free to post your favorite dining experience
  4. LarryStoken

    Favorite meal every eaten at WDW?

    What is the best meal you have ever eaten at WDW?
  5. LarryStoken

    Deluxe Dining Plan is too much food

    3 sit down meals per day doesn't leave much time for anything else, the whole trip becomes focused on preparing for the next meal
  6. LarryStoken

    Why are my posts no longer able to be viewed by others?

    Why are my posts no longer able to be viewed by others?
  7. LarryStoken

    Princess Tiana appears at the Magic Kingdom ahead of her official debut on October 26

    Jackie Robinson faced a lot of prejudice and taunting when he broke the color barrier in baseball. Hopefully Princess Tiana won't face the same type of harrassment from park visitors.
  8. LarryStoken

    Spring things on ground in Kilamanjaro Safaris

    So Mr Lion doesn't eat Mr Zebra, even though we would all enjoy watching that
  9. LarryStoken

    Planning for november trip

    As long as the time in November that you are going does not include Thanksgiving week, it should not be too crowded. I am going in mid November and expect low crowds.
  10. LarryStoken

    Is Disney Working on a 5th park anytime soon?

    You may have heard already since you live there but it has recently become known that the World Showcase will soon be adding a permanent Brazil pavilion. This along with the recent Olympic announcement make for some exciting times for Brazilians.
  11. LarryStoken

    I Wish a Cheesecake Factory would come to Downtown Disney

    The cheesecake itself there is quite good. The rest of the food is just okay, nothing to get excited about. Whenever I visit a CCF nowadays it is usually just for dessert after eating somewhere better.
  12. LarryStoken

    How hard is it to get accepted into the Disney College Program?

    It isn't hard at all. As long as you are friendly at the interview and enjoy very low pay, the job essentially is yours.
  13. LarryStoken

    Slendid China theme park?

    looks like Splendid China is still being put to use... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQOBWKgFRGw&feature=related
  14. LarryStoken

    I need to vent very, very badly.

    Nobody likes a narc
  15. LarryStoken

    SeaWorld Sold??

    There are also reports that Shamu has been sold to buyers for the Tokyo Fish Market. Sushi anyone?
  16. LarryStoken

    Never Been to WDW

    I always thought that Mmmmm-Bop song was catchy
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