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  1. fireworksandfairytales

    Trip Report Walt Disney World turns 45! (a day trip)

    Hey everyone! I've never written a trip report before, but last week I was able to spend the day in Magic Kingdom for the 45th and it was one of the more magical days I've had in the parks lately, so I wanted to share it with you! I made it to the TTC by 7:20ish that morning to find that the...
  2. fireworksandfairytales

    Seasonal Pass upgrading to an Annual Pass

    I apologize in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong spot, but does anyone have experience upgrading their seasonal pass to an annual pass? I'm going to the parks this July and I've called Disney to make sure this is possible. They said it definitely is, but they can't seem to give me any...
  3. fireworksandfairytales

    Best breakfast buffet?

    Hey everyone! My friends and I are headed to WDW in July for my boyfriend's 21st birthday! He really loves breakfast buffets, but there's so many options and I don't know which one to choose! We're doing Chef Mickey's one night for dinner, but out of all the other buffets which ones are your...
  4. fireworksandfairytales

    WDW Must-Dos

    I wasn't 100 percent sure where the proper place was to put this, but I just posted a video to my youtube channel about my top five must-dos at WDW! And I decided to post it here because I'd love to know what ranks in the top five on your list of must-dos when you visit?
  5. fireworksandfairytales

    I'm an alumni doing a second program this fall.

    I participated in the program Spring Advantage 2014 in merchandise and was accepted recently to go back for Fall 2015 attractions. I decided this was as good a time as any to finally start vlogging! I figured I'd post my channel on here since I have videos pertaining to different aspects of the...
  6. fireworksandfairytales

    Trip Report A most magical 20th birthday!

    I was in Disney World this past weekend for my birthday with one of my best friends, Mckayla, and my boyfriend, Adam. We had the most amazing time and it was one of my favorite trips for sure. We left super early Friday morning and went straight to Magic Kingdom. We went on Jungle Cruise for...
  7. fireworksandfairytales

    Anyone hoping to do dcp spring 2014?

    I'm really anxious for apps to come out and just wondered if any of you were getting excited about it as well. :)
  8. fireworksandfairytales

    Birthday candles in the park?

    Hey, everyone! I'm surprising my boyfriend with a trip to the world tomorrow for his birthday. I was wondering if there's a place in magic kingdom where I could get a cupcake with a birthday candle in it? Not like a table service restaurant because I can't really afford that. Or if I bring...
  9. fireworksandfairytales

    Akershus or Cinderella's Royal Table?

    Apologizing in advance in case this question has been posed somewhere else, but I was just wondering for those of you who have eaten at the two restaurants, which one do you prefer? Also, on the website it says that Ariel is one of the possible princesses featured at both. For those of you that...
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