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  1. PixieAngelo

    I need help please!!!

    I was referring to the bus stops at POP not being covered, I apologize for letting my participle dangle like that....
  2. PixieAngelo

    I need help please!!!

    If you are pregnant, it may be a long walk for the lobby/food court to your room and back. Plus, I don't think the bus stops are covered and it is still quite sunny down here. The first resort I ever stayed at with my family was CBR and it is lovely, not at spread out and certainly more...
  3. PixieAngelo

    Fevered Egos and Podcast Awards

    I know there has been a lot of discussion about the Podcast Awards; are they legit, why do rules seem to vary, is it just a popularity contest, but mostly why even bother to vote for anyone in the Travel category as Lou wins every year, like he has for the past (at least?) 5 years. The most...
  4. PixieAngelo

    Breast feeding in WDW

    We are TTC our first child so we are very observant of families with small kids to see what they are doing to make Disney Park trips easy and fun. I've seen more than a few nursing moms struggle with "Hooter Hiders" especially during really hot and muggy weather. Adding another layer of cloth...
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