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  1. Sandersfelds


    when i was there the bus stations were the same as they were,,value resorts had the long dread walk lol..
  2. Sandersfelds

    First Ride?

    Peter Pan????
  3. Sandersfelds

    Need Skyliner or train between EPCOT & Port Orleans ASAP!

    port orleans already my fav place to stay., a skyliner would be the best.. would be interesting the see the guest capacities for each resort and what the typical guest numbers are for each resort,,, the number of guests may have an influence on the transportation offers
  4. Sandersfelds

    Are parks busier in the morning or the evening?

    just got back from a 5 day vacation there and id say the morning was def more busy..id go back at night and walk on to some rides.. the exception would of been EPCOT,,
  5. Sandersfelds


    fairy dust and think happy thoughts
  6. Sandersfelds

    EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival 2021

    im going in April... 1st time for the Flower and Garden... getting that "trip is coming soon" vibe...
  7. Sandersfelds

    Best hotels for couples?

    The hubs?? you have more then one??? perhaps one in each :)
  8. Sandersfelds

    Changes in the last 2 years that burn your britches

    Well it just happened the DME no longer in 2022,,
  9. Sandersfelds

    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    not happy about this at all.. the great thing about Disney is they made it so convenient to get to and from the airport,,ive had a good number off people that have gone that ive sold them on the idea of not needing to worry about travel.. in my opinon Disney has lost out on a really good...
  10. Sandersfelds

    Why do you think people still go to WDW?

    Y??? because we love you.,.,M O U S EEEEEEEEE...
  11. Sandersfelds

    What makes a ride repeatable?

    How long the line is after you get off... :)
  12. Sandersfelds

    Movies That Don't Get Any Love

    Treasure Planet.. or Muppets Treasure Island
  13. Sandersfelds

    When dining at WDW what drives you to choose a restaurant?

    Some place and some thing i havent tried before...
  14. Sandersfelds

    Will Disney Parks ever go cashless and just take debit and credit cards?

    if your staying at a resort dont you just charge it to your room??? then take care of it there... no need to carry anything around
  15. Sandersfelds

    Redo dinoland

    what if trying to keep to the theme of AK, transform DinoLand into a land about the Amazon Rain Forest,,you can take what you want to save from DinoLand (Dinosaur,Tricera Top Spin,Dino Diner) and move it between Pandora and Africa(seems to be room there) and add a meet and greet with Trixie and...
  16. Sandersfelds

    Things I really hate about our WDW Resort ( sarcasm)

    i hate that im not at any of them right now... not sarcastic lol
  17. Sandersfelds

    POLL: Have you ever had to evacuate a ride at WDW?

    Liberty Square Steamboat got stuck, they had to have the rafts for Tom Sawyers Island come and get the guests off..so my group all got free skip the line passes so we went to POTC and they walked us behind to the Cast Member Only entrance and we came out right by the boats and got on...
  18. Sandersfelds

    Food & Wine Festival 2020

    All i know is im going in Oct and im getting hungry:happy:
  19. Sandersfelds


    sounds good to me.. im going in October,,care to join?? :)
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