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  1. Yellow Shoes

    Closing time

    Right now, at 7:40PM the wait for Slinky Dog is 40 minutes. The park closes in 20. How is this handled? I'm thinking of a couple of options: --CM stands at end of line and turns people not in line away and everyone in line at park close gets to ride --Promptly at closing time the ride shuts...
  2. Yellow Shoes

    Tipping Bell Services

    My plans changed when my sister broke her ankle in December and will need to use an ECV for our trip. No big deal, except that my Dad will also need a scooter; not sure 2 will fit in our room. I am thinking we can leave one or both of them with bell services overnight (hoping they will plug...
  3. Yellow Shoes

    Luggage Tags?

    I'm 8 days out from my trip and predictably excited--especially when a dark blue envelope from WDWTC arrives in the mail. This one had 3 luggage tags (one for each member of my party) and a voucher for ESPN and mini golf. Cool. Next day, another one came. Day 3--more tags. Today is Day 4 and I...
  4. Yellow Shoes

    Park Reservations Full; no Expanded Hours

    My trip is April 11-15. As of March 17 5:50 PM CDST, park reservations are unavailable for Hollywood Studios for resort guests. I will not be surprised to see the other parks fill up as well in the next 3 weeks. Park hours are greatly expanded for Spring Break and Easter week...
  5. Yellow Shoes

    Clear Face Masks

    Looks like Disney is allowing this style of face covering. We are interested. Does anyone have any sources for masks? My quick search yielded some that looked really unsatisfactory--one photo was clearly a Photoshop job--and/or had bad reviews. Interested in what others have found out there.
  6. Yellow Shoes

    Yikes--2 ECVs!

    I was planning on my elderly father in an ECV--we've done it before with no problems. Now it looks like a broken ankle in December will not be road worthy by April. Dreading the possibility of shepherding a caravan of ECVs. ( So far, I am able to walk) Trying to remember the bus situation...
  7. Yellow Shoes

    Distilled Water for CPAP

    Can that be purchased at the WL gift shop?
  8. Yellow Shoes

    Photo Pass

    Last I heard, you were not allowed to remove masks for Photo Pass opportunities--your ride photos would be deleted, and masks have to be in place for photos with a live photographer. OK...Whatever So has anyone seen folks doing Photo Pass lately?
  9. Yellow Shoes

    Advice on Skyliner WL to Epcot

    Staying at WL but we want to take the Skyliner to Epcot because we have early reservations for lunch. I know we need to make an intermediate stop from WL, but which do you recommend? Bus to Studios? Boat to MK, then bus to AoA, Pop, CBR or Riveria? (Which do you recommend?) Mostly concerned...
  10. Yellow Shoes

    What's Going on with Country Bear Jamboree?

    Yesterday the app listed it as "temporarily Closed." Today it isn't even ON the map. Say it isn't so. I've learned to deal with no park hoppers reduced park hours no MNSSHP no parades/fireworks no Epcot monorail no Columbia Harbour House no Wilderness Lodge (we are booked in Copper Creek) no...
  11. Yellow Shoes


    We are considering exploring the Boardwalk area on this trip since the parks are closing early. I have posted in the Restaurant forum about food, but I am wondering what will be accessible. Will we be able to walk through the hotel lobbies? Will the shops be open? Will there be snack options...
  12. Yellow Shoes

    Boardwalk Food Options?

    With the parks closing early, we are considering exploring the Boardwalk area, which we haven't done much before. We are looking forward to strolling around the resorts, but will feel the need to feed at some point. We're not necessarily wanting a big formal meal (looks like Trattoria al Forno...
  13. Yellow Shoes


    I was asked if pancakes are available on property. All I could think of was waffles.
  14. Yellow Shoes


    We are flying and hope to have carry-on luggage only since Magical Express will no longer retrieve our bags. One of our party wants to bring vodka. We will not have a car. As I see it, our options are: put little bottles in our 3-1-1 quart bags in our luggage try to buy at the resort Are the l
  15. Yellow Shoes

    Just Ventin'

    Got off the phone with Disney--had to change my flight numbers (net loss of 6 hours in Florida--grrrr) Of course I was on hold--I expect that and that isn't the problem. Whilst on hold I heard a tape loop of Disney features that are not available: luggage handing with Magical Express Dining...
  16. Yellow Shoes

    I'm Hungry

    We ARE going September 20, 2020 and are willing to accept the cutbacks. Full disclosure--we are NOT night owls, so the lack of fireworks is not a deal breaker. I can take or leave a parade, we are adults, so no character requirements. I was looking forward to watching the Electrical Pageant...
  17. Yellow Shoes

    Social Distancing Details

    I’ve seen the photos of the markers on the ground to enforce distancing. My Q is: are family groups allowed to stay together ? we are all adults, but we like each other and want to be able to chat while we wait. TIA
  18. Yellow Shoes

    Waving Money at Disney

    Disclaimer: I know things are a total mess and no one really knows what's going on. We are making things up as we go. That said, I just need to vent a bit. I am a super planner. Trip is September 20, 2020 and somewhat non-negotiable. Airline tickets were changed and we have an additional 4...
  19. Yellow Shoes

    Adding a Day's Ticket

    We have a resort & ticket package with 4 days' worth of tickets. The time for our flight home was changed so that instead of needing to be at Magic Express at 1 pm, we can stay until 4 pm. This has led me to wonder if we could / should try to do another park that last day. If we decide at...
  20. Yellow Shoes

    Magic Bands and "Contactless Pay"

    Trying to understand my options. I will be traveling with 2 unrelated people. My plan was to stock up on Disney gift cards for my in-park purchases. The others would use personal credit cards or their own gift cards. Can each person's personal credit card info be stored on the Magic Band? I...
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