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  1. Chi84

    SSR Update

    Does anyone know if renovation construction work is continuing at SSR now?
  2. Chi84

    If we don't finish our wine . . .

    . . . can we get the rest of the bottle packaged to go? We like to order a good bottle of wine with dinner, but the combination of our increasing age and the speed of Disney dining results in us not being able to finish sometimes. I know Florida law permits this, but I was wondering if WDW has...
  3. Chi84

    Water Parks question

    We're going to WDW from October 10-17, and it looks like it's going to be very hot! We rented a Polar Patio at Blizzard Beach last year in May and really liked it. There were plenty available same-day, but I know October is busier. Does anyone know if the Polar Patios or Beachcomber Shacks...
  4. Chi84

    Morimoto question

    Does the upstairs sushi bar serve the full menu, or does it have a select menu limited to sushi?
  5. Chi84

    MK fireworks question

    Is Hallowishes presented only on party nights, or does it become the regular fireworks show during the Halloween season? We will be at Mk in October and are hoping to see the Happily Ever After fireworks show.
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