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  1. Wannabe Walt

    Yeti working again?

    A friend just texted me and said they saw the Yeti up and running again. I asked if he was visible or moving and they claim to have seen movement. They knew he was dark for a while, and other times he was static. Can anyone else confirm? Could we finally have our dear Yeti back?!? :-)
  2. Wannabe Walt

    New railing at Splash Mountain

    I'm not sure when it was added, nor did I get a picture (SORRY!!!!)... but the first part of the queue at Splash Mountain has all new wood railings. Same style as the previous ones, just new timber. They really stand out from everything else because they are not worn and weathered like the...
  3. Wannabe Walt

    Snow White's Scary Adventure Question

    I have heard from a few people that Snow White's Scary Adventure will be taken out of Fantasyland during the redo. True, false? I haven't read anything about this but both people that told me this were pretty sure they heard for sure it was going. Please tell me no! :confused:
  4. Wannabe Walt

    Possible trip in August Questions...

    I am hoping to be able to take my wonderful girlfriend to the most wonderful place on earth this August. However, I've never been in August (she's never been at all). Since it would just be me and her, we are on an extreme budget. Two things I know for sure: trip must be min. of 6 days and we...
  5. Wannabe Walt

    Area music

    Does anyone know of a great site to download park music (area and rides mainly) from? I have gotten what I like of off Sound of Magic but I can't really find many other sites. I want actual audio, not MIDI. I have also listened to many of the streaming radio stations (Subsonic, etc) but I want...
  6. Wannabe Walt

    Summer trip dates??

    Hey everyone! My girlfriend and I are considering going to the best place ever this summer. However, I don't turn 18 until June 21...so we have to go between June 22 and August 15 sometime. When would be the best time for two teenagers to go? I'm looking for the lease crowded time as well as the...
  7. Wannabe Walt

    Resort Furniture

    I'm guessing it probably differs per resort but does anyone know any of the companies that have contracted the guest-room furniture for the rooms? In the drawer of our armoire at Coronado Springs there was a company tag, but I forget now what the company was. It seems like it was Ameri- or...
  8. Wannabe Walt

    Coronado Springs

    We're going to WDW in May this year and staying at Coronado Springs. We've looked at each area (Casitas, Ranchos, and Cabanas) but we can't decide which one we like best. Does anyone have any tips on which area to request when we check in? Thanks!
  9. Wannabe Walt

    Our Itinerary...Please comment

    I'm SOOOO Excited! We booked our trip the other night! WOOO! lol. So we're going from May 22-30 (which is new for us...we've always gone in Feb). Another major difference is our party. Usually, it is my dad, mom, 11 yr old bro, and myself (16). This time it is: My mom, brother, me. AND (for...
  10. Wannabe Walt

    May events?

    What all goes on in May at WDW? Big events? I've looked at park hours and all already but so far all I've found for May is StarWars Weekends. We really need to know about Gay/Lesbian week...we do NOT want to be going then. The dates we are looking at right now is May 22-28. Thanks!
  11. Wannabe Walt

    I miss Disney!!!

    I'm sad... one year ago today we arrived at the Wonderful World! We were there from Feb. 11 - 20, 2005. I wanna go back sooooo bad! This summer there is a posibility that we will be going to Disneyland, CA. I WANT TO GO BACK TO WDW!!!!!!!:( :cry: :( :cry: :(
  12. Wannabe Walt

    Seasons/Crowds for 2006

    I've checked into booking a trip in Feb. of this year. Caribbean Beach is sold out! Normally that time of year (Feb 10-15) is value season. What's up with it this year? Why is it so much different? Is there something goin on?
  13. Wannabe Walt

    Virus question

    Hey all! I've got some kind of virus and it's really tickin' me off. I have AVG Virus Protection but it can't seem to find it. The virus causes Google and a few other major search engines not to work at all, or atleast not properly! I love my google so I really want to figure out how to get rid...
  14. Wannabe Walt

    Magic Tricks?

    Does anyone know of any good magic tricks they are willing to share? Or know any websites were I can find free ones? I'm talking like Card Tricks, Fake Thumb Tricks, Illusions, etc. Thanks in advance! :D
  15. Wannabe Walt

    Shuttle Questions

    Hey everyone! The trip that my cousin and I were going to take has now increased in people. It will now (most likely) be my cousin, my mom's friend, her niece, and myself. We are going from Dec. 1-4, 2005 to the Happiest Place on Earth for the Happiest Celebration in the World! :D YAY! However...
  16. Wannabe Walt

    Dole Whip Recipe

    Okay...this isn't an actual Dole Whip, but it is a drink that IMO tastes a LOT like a Dole Whip. I made this myself while trying to figure out a way to make the closest thing to a Dole Whip. I will keep trying, but for now its a drink, like a milk shake. I've never seen a real recipe out there...
  17. Wannabe Walt

    Digital SLR Camera

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to find a good, cheap Digital (not required, but definatly prefered) SLR Camera. I would prefer Nikon or Canon, but again just a prefered thing, not required. Does anyone know of any good websites or deals that I could end up getting a body and small-medium (I forget the...
  18. Wannabe Walt

    Dec. Trip Question

    As some of you already know, My cousin and I are planning a trip for this winter. We have changed the dates from Nov 30 to Dec 3, to Dec 1 to Dec 4. This way, I only miss 2 days of school,and she only misses 2 days of work! I have priced it direct from Disney and the prices aren't bad at all...
  19. Wannabe Walt

    Room sizes?

    What are the room sizes at the resorts? Deluxe: ___ sq ft Moderate: ___ sq ft Value: ___ sq ft HAFH/Vacation Club: ___ sq ft. If it varies per resort, could you please post by resort? Thanks in advance!
  20. Wannabe Walt

    Hall of Presidents Introduction

    Does anyone have an audio recording of the introductioin speach to the Hall of Presidents? I'm talking about the "We The People..." one. If you have it, please post or PM me! Thanks
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