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  1. jharvey

    Pre-Trip The worlds on fire, let’s go to Disney World trip

    I first started stalking this page as my unofficial travel agent in 2010. Over the years I’ve ghosted it whenever a Disney trip felt too far from a reality. But, I’m back for a new trip. Cast: Your humble author: 41 year old male (7th trip as an adult + 3 as a kid) DW: 42 year old female (7th...
  2. jharvey

    Trip Report Its all fun and games 'til the 2nd emergency room visit

    This is a follow-up to the pre-trip report titled "We Were Due" This is my first attempt at a trip report. But if any trip ever deserved one, it was this one. As a sports junkie I will preview the coming posts as reflecting a trip that had 7 "wins" and 2 "losses". The wins- 1. Customer Service...
  3. jharvey

    Pre-Trip We were due

    First time try one of these, so here we go- Cast of Characters Josh (your humble OP)- 36 year old married father of 3. Will be 7th trip, 4th as adult. Brandi (DW)- 37 year old. Will be 4th trip, all as an adult. Lawton (DS)- 11 year old. 4th trip Madison (DD)- 8 year old. 4th trip Ella (DD)- 4...
  4. jharvey

    Something different for our next trip.

    This September we are going back to the World. Our initial plan was for the five of us (me, DW, DS9, DD6, DD2) to do a 7/6 at POR. We have gone 3 times before, staying at AS Movie and Pop Century. Plans changed about two weeks ago when we decided to invite my brothers (25 year old twins). We...
  5. jharvey

    A night at DTD

    We have a 6 day - 5 night vacation coming up with 9 of us. I have one of the nights set aside for my sister, wife, and I to explore DTD. Mainly their bars. No one in our group has ever gone to DTD before. Any suggestions on how to attack it? Certain bars you all would recommend? My basic hope...
  6. jharvey

    Can I Double Dip the FP system?

    So, I selected my FP+ fastpasses today. I did not think this would be an option for this trip. Will I still get my KTTW? I ask because I would love to be able to double dip with paper FP along with the ones attached to my wrist band of doom.
  7. jharvey

    What does yellow mean? Slow Down. wwwwww-hhhhh-aaaaaa-ttttttt....

    You like the Taxi reference? So, I am going to the world in September. Aside from the usual suspects (DW, DS & DDx2) we are taking my parents, sister, and niece. This will be my sister and parents first visit since 1994 when my sister was 6. Planning for this trip, I have been thinking back...
  8. jharvey

    Feeding an age diverse group

    I am going in September as a part of a 7 person family. Grandparents are in their early 60s. Kids are 9, 6, & 1. Grade my ADRs- Kona- Dinner Whispering Canyon- Dinner Crystal Palace- Lunch Boma- Dinner Via Napoli- Dinner The only one new to the majority of the group is Boma. Grade it.
  9. jharvey

    I am too lazy to google this one into the ground

    I am surprising my mother and father with a trip to the world in September. It will be those two, 60+ years old, as well as DW, DS, two DDs. Oh and me, the new favorite child. I let my father know this morning and will be surprising my mother tonight. Both are old school Disney fanatics who...
  10. jharvey

    Swan/Dolphin and reward programs

    I am jumping back into the rat race and, of course, my mind is drifting over to WDW. I book my own travel with my new company and am able to take advantage of reward programs. Can rewards points be redeemed at the Dolphin and Swan? Has anyone here done so? Typically I have been a Choice...
  11. jharvey

    Unclog MK

    Reading all the post about crowd levels this time of year, my mind goes to the fact that the MK is larger than Manhattan Island. While I understand several factors make the two very different, I am wondering what could be done to make the, in my opinion at least, potentially 70k+ easily and...
  12. jharvey

    Hug them a little closer

    This site has brought me so much joy over the years. My family and I have had a terrible run lately but wdwmagic is always there. With the news from Connecticut, it puts your problems into there proper place. For the majority on this site whose love of Disney is tied to family, trips with mom...
  13. jharvey

    An epileptic in the group

    We are heading out in a few days and wondered about a few rides.. A little back ground before I mention specific rides. My wife has a seizure disorder. When medicated she has never had a breakthrough seizure. For her the triggers are certain foods ( diet coke, artificial sweeteners, chewing...
  14. jharvey

    Will they let me eat, and gelatinous blobs

    After some prodding by co-workers, friends, and family, we have decided to leave my 8 month old daughter with my parents while the rest of us go to Disney world in 2 weeks (part of this post is me trolling for "no josh you are not a horrible person for not letting your kid enjoy the happiest...
  15. jharvey

    Better Resort Breakfast

    I am going back and forth on the last ADR of our upcoming trip. I am down to Kona Cafe or Grand Floridian Cafe for breakfast. I have never eaten at either. The leader in the club house is Kona. In my mind I order the Big Kahuna, get my wife to order the Tonga Toast, and one of my kids ( 8,5, and...
  16. jharvey

    death by a thousand cuts or over-reaction

    I cannot begin to guess the amount of hours I have spent on this site over the last few years. I cannot begin to put a dollar amount on the tips I have culled from posts by hatter, Yoda, etc. But I have a tendency to see the sky is falling when maybe it is not. A trait I see with many, many...
  17. jharvey

    Yak and Yeti?

    First, I love the new format. But I have a question about something listed on the Yak and Yeti profile. Under Dining Plan it says no......... Is that a typo?
  18. jharvey

    rides & attractions with 9 month old

    I have gotten conflicting answers to what my 9 month old can and cannot partake in while in the world. What I am looking for is whether I have to use the kid swap option (poorly named for a destination that has to attract a huge number of deviants) or can they ride on our lap. Or option 3, yell...
  19. jharvey

    quasi-noob/traveling with 9 month old///

    In may 2010 i took my wife and two young kids to wdw. It was my first trip since 1994 and there first trip. We are going back in september with an additional kid. She will be 9 months when we check in. I have been racking my mind on how to keep the 8 and 5 year old entertained without turning...
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