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  1. Wannabe Walt

    Kilimanjaro Safari changes starting this week??

    The music is there as a vocal break for the drivers. Also, when the tilting bridge is working, the music helps cover up the screams from the truck ahead so that it is more of a surprise.
  2. Wannabe Walt

    Kilimanjaro Safari changes starting this week??

    As of now, Kilimanjaro Safaris is in a limbo phase. The changes seen are not the end product, but a really crappy middle product. Zebras are expected later this fall (Sept/Oct) as well as possibly some other animals. As of now, the drivers are each left to figure out their own plot/story for...
  3. Wannabe Walt

    Luxo animatronic on-site behind construction screen at Pixar Place

    The Luxo Jr. animatronic was a mess. On his first test run on show, he failed miserably so Imagineering pulled him back inside. After a few weeks, he was on show again. His performance wasn't as great, but he worked for a bit. Then he failed again. So again, he went back to maintenance. After...
  4. Wannabe Walt

    POTC Waterfall question

    The projection is just Blackbeard and the final exit ramp is just Blackbeard, no alternating anywhere. The projection is absolutely terrible right now... but there is quite a bit wrong at PoTC these days. Instead of fixing the problems they have though, they got a brand new goat. Take a look to...
  5. Wannabe Walt

    Professional Photography in the Parks?

    Disney won't bother you unless it becomes a disruption. There is no real way for cast to tell the difference between a man with a "fancy camera" and a professional. My best friend often takes his Canon 7D and massive tripod to the parks and has never had an issue. ... You are also allowed to...
  6. Wannabe Walt

    Fireworks at Downtown Disney?

    I was at Epcot as well. I was watching the final Candlelight Processional when we heard the fireworks. We thought we heard the echo of Wishes at first, but when we turned around, we could see the smoke from behind America/Italy area. It definitely was not Fantasmic because it was a much bigger...
  7. Wannabe Walt

    Hey Andrew. I am from Cape Girardeau as well (Gordonville actually). But I live in Orlando now...

    Hey Andrew. I am from Cape Girardeau as well (Gordonville actually). But I live in Orlando now. I graduated from Jackson in 2008.
  8. Wannabe Walt

    Peeping tom @ Epcot

    When purchasing a ticket at the vacation planner windows, you are supposed to show an ID. Although, I've heard if it comes down to "I just don't have one with me," they will usually sell the tickets anyway. As previously stated, the idea of being "banned" makes you a trespasser. Also, when you...
  9. Wannabe Walt

    Nick Jonas at Animal Kingdom today

    Tuesday was not at WDW, I know for sure he was at MK on Monday. I'm not sure how long he is expected to stick around though.
  10. Wannabe Walt

    Fantasmic pyro cuts?

    I also attended both shows on Friday night. The 9:00 show was rained out so they did the short alternate instead. It seemed normal, but there were no video projections. Sometimes they use them, sometimes they don't. The 10:30 show was missing quite a bit though. I was with a friend who had...
  11. Wannabe Walt

    Yeti working again?

    Thanks for clarification everyone. I figured they were incorrect, since it wasn't posted here first! Haha. Glad to know you can at least SEE the yeti again now. He was dark for a while.
  12. Wannabe Walt

    Yeti working again?

    A friend just texted me and said they saw the Yeti up and running again. I asked if he was visible or moving and they claim to have seen movement. They knew he was dark for a while, and other times he was static. Can anyone else confirm? Could we finally have our dear Yeti back?!? :-)
  13. Wannabe Walt

    Fire at IOA on Ripsaw Falls

    I was in IOA yesterday when the fire started. We were on Dragons Challenge at the time and could smell the smoke (didn't see the smoke at that time, though). We were crossing the Lost Continent -> Jurassic Park bridge and noticed the billowing black smoke from the Ripsaw Falls area (couldn't...
  14. Wannabe Walt

    New railing at Splash Mountain

    The posts will weather on their own in good time. If they used pre-weathered timber, it wouldn't last as long. As for pictures, what RAXIP posted was exactly what I was talking about. All of the Splash queue has been done, while BTMR is only the very beginning of the entrance. Maybe they...
  15. Wannabe Walt

    New railing at Splash Mountain

    I'm not sure when it was added, nor did I get a picture (SORRY!!!!)... but the first part of the queue at Splash Mountain has all new wood railings. Same style as the previous ones, just new timber. They really stand out from everything else because they are not worn and weathered like the...
  16. Wannabe Walt

    Rack Rate of new Animation Resort?

    I work for Loews Hotels at Universal. We sell a room we call the "Kids Suite" -- but each hotel has a very limited number. These things sell like crazy and people pay crazy high rates for them! (Usually starting around $299 in value season). Of course, these Family Suites are a bit different...
  17. Wannabe Walt

    People Waiting at WDW for Harry Potter?!

    I never had to get a manager, but I've had to explain to many guests at Disney that Universal is 12 miles away and a totally separate resort. And visa-versa, working for Loews Hotels reservations, I've had to explain that you cannot get a Magic Kingdom view room at the Portofino Bay Hotel to a...
  18. Wannabe Walt

    SSE Triangles Have Lights!

    Ahhhhh so it appears no one knows yet --- from what I've been told, the old eyeball effect has been updated for Summer Nightastic. I haven't riden yet (going Sunday I think), but from what I've been told the projection or reflection (not sure), is of your vehicle. I'll see for sure on Sunday...
  19. Wannabe Walt

    New World Showcase and DHS Rumors

    I believe these rumors are bogus. However, that being said, I wouldn't mind them becoming true -- to an extent. The Turkey rumor is interesting, it would be an unexpected country. And to those who are saying "change Morocco", no no... the countries can't really easily be changed, they are all...
  20. Wannabe Walt

    Love Bugs...are they out yet?

    I noticed quite a few (no swarms by any means, but an annoying amount) at Blizzard Beach on Saturday. Otherwise, haven't had a problem yet.
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