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  1. FettFan

    PotC Trunk-or-Treat display

    Our church generally does a Fall Festival....really elaborate thing that we start planning in the summer. Food stalls, carnival games, hay rides, whole nine yards. Needless to say, Covid-19 changed things for us. For the longest time, we thought we just weren't doing anything because of the...
  2. FettFan

    Disney Pirate Thunderdome: Captain Jack Sparrow vs. Captain James Hook

    Strength: In terms of physical strength, Jack Sparrow seems to have the upper hand, simply because he's literally got the upper hand, while Hook has his eponymous hook. (Two functional hands are arguably better than one, as we learned from the ending of The Last of Us Part II.) That being said...
  3. FettFan

    ***SAVE FIGMENT***

    According to the folks at Blog Mickey, Figment be getting a redesign, and a look at the new model was featured on The Disney+ series “One Day At Disney”. If this is actually true, it might be the final tipping point to prevent me from ever visiting WDW again. That’s the point where I’m...
  4. FettFan

    What is YOUR WDW Decade?

    I'd love to hear your answers why.
  5. FettFan

    The Tower of Terror’s extra tower...

    Found this on eBay: a ToT commemorative park ticket envelope. According to the guys on the RetroWDW podcast, this was a limited hard ticket item that allowed holders to get a preview of the attraction. Folks with this were also given a complimentary ToT watch. Needless to say...it looks a bit...
  6. FettFan

    Tom Sawyer Island -> Ile D’Orleans

    Putting PatF smack-dab in the middle of Frontierland is a horrible idea in terms of theming. In my last post on this subject, I floated the idea of building a New Orleans Square at WDW as a second Fantasyland expansion where the Tomorrowland Speedway stands now. But I completely forgot about...
  7. FettFan

    Fantasyland Expansion Phase III: Escape From Tomorrow(land Speedway)

    With all the hub-bub over Splash Mountain and the ill-conceived idea of re-theming Splash for Princess and the Frog (from some Facebook schmuck who admitted to not actually knowing anything about New Orleans), it got me to thinking. PatF would make for a GREAT boat ride, just not a 50' tall log...
  8. FettFan

    Splashtacular - The Weirdest Thing EVER

    According to the guys at RetroWDW, this show was originally created for Tokyo Disneyland and was a huge hit. So, naturally it was ported over for Epcot ‘94. They were counting on it being a permanent addition, so the Fountain of Nations was renovated from its original configuration to add more...
  9. FettFan

    It is far past time to have a Howard the Duck Ride at DHS

    1. Disney owns Lucasfilm. In the 1980s, Lucasfilm produced Howard the Duck. 2. Disney owns Marvel Entertainment, and Howard the Duck is a Marvel Property 3. Disney's Marvel Contract allows for Cosmic Marvel Characters, which is how they are able to legally build a GotG roller coaster and...
  10. FettFan

    How many people REALLY stay in the Cinderella Suite?

    It would have to be enough to justify not turning the space into a CM dressing room or a storage area. Wouldn't surprise me if the thing stays booked 365 days a year (minus Coro19) from friends and family of Disney board members, or other VIPs (corporate sponsors, celebrities, etc.)
  11. FettFan

    How about a Society of Explorers and Adventurers Disney+ series?

    The Society of Explorers and Adventurers is a secret society that has a presence in virtually all of the Disney parks from Anaheim to Shanghai. They're a rather eclectic group, and their stories tie in to a number of Disney attractions (Big Thunder Mountain's robber baron boss Barnabas T...
  12. FettFan

    New animatronics for the Country Bears.

    As one of the Magic Kingdom's opening-day attractions, the Country Bear Jamboree will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year with the rest of the park. But here's the problem....in that 50 years, the art and science audio-animatronics have advanced by leaps and bounds, so much so that...
  13. FettFan

    PhotoPass ride photos...

    Wednesday I did Everest and scanned my card to get the onride photo, but it hasn't popped up on MDE yet. Yesterday, I did RNR, tried the card again, and it was uploaded on MDE before I left Sunset Boulevard. Was this an error or do certain rides and experiences not upload automatically?
  14. FettFan

    DHS has a Star Wars problem.

    1. There is too much Star Wars. It’s got its own section of the park; time to kill Launch Bay already. And get the Star Wars merch out of Hollywood Avenue. 2. Galaxy’s Edge is impressive enough, but it’s a friggin NIGHTMARE to navigate without using google maps gps tracking. Especially...
  15. FettFan

    RIP Bob Iger’s term. RIP Disney (Chapek taking over)

    https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/25/disney-names-bob-chapek-next-ceo.html Press conference scheduled for 5:30 Eastern Time to hash out details. What do you think this means for our parks? EDIT - use the link below. @wdwmagic feel free to close this duplicate thread.
  16. FettFan

    What’s the story behind the bricked-in WDW Railroad tracks?

    The view from the Barnstormer queue: Was this area part of the original Fantasyland station before Mickey’s Birthdayland/Starland?
  17. FettFan


    The POTC movie logo banner has been removed.
  18. FettFan

    RIP Electric Umbrella

    It’s closing tomorrow as part of Epcot’s ongoing transformation. I’m actually kind of sad. Sure it was just burgers and fries, but the decor and design of the space was always interesting to me. Plus it was the only place that (to my knowledge, at least) actually utilized the second floor...
  19. FettFan

    Is Primeval Whirl on the way out?

    I'm in the process of making FP+ Reservations....and I'm seeing that PW now has a note that it "Operates Seasonally" and FP+ is not available for it. (Not that I would have wasted a perfectly good fastpass on it in the first place) Typically "Operates Seasonally" is a death knell for...
  20. FettFan

    WDW Ride Tropes

    Artificial Incompetence - In the storyline, a robot or other AI botches a simple task asked of it. Seen in: - Star Tours. Captain RX-24 is a rookie pilot who overshoots the Forest Moon of Endor....and then bungles straight into the heart of comet and then into a battle between the Rebellion...
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