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  1. bsmartin2000

    Frontier airlines and Discount Den?

    Has anyone purchased Discount Den with Frontier airlines? I am wondering if this is worth the price. I have 4 adults and 4 children flying in April. I know it is only good for 6 travelers. If I purchase discount den today does it apply today? Thank you for looking!
  2. bsmartin2000

    Face masks?

    Can anyone recommend a type of face mask to bring with us? 4 kids and 4 adults. Looking for comfort.
  3. bsmartin2000

    Ordering snacks to be delivered to resort?

    Can you order snacks from anywhere to be delivered to resort? If so who do you order from? Thanks for the help.
  4. bsmartin2000

    Looking for table service places to eat. Inexpensive for 8?

    So there will be 4 adults and 4 children. We are trying to stay within a budget and still have a great time. Any suggestions on where to eat with good prices and portion sizes?
  5. bsmartin2000

    A little help needed for a 3 generation trip!

    I am hoping to be able to take my mother (77)my daughter (37) and myself(57) on a trip to the Flower and Garden show next year. I will be saving to pay for this trip myself. We need to stay on-site because none of us would be able to drive. Any ideas on where to stay? Would you do the dining...
  6. bsmartin2000

    Anyone paying for flights?

    Got a good deal on flights for the 8 of us on August 29. Now I am in panic mode thinking I should have waited. Anyone else booking flights?
  7. bsmartin2000

    Bounceback offers?

    Can anyone tell me how bounce back offers work? So if my trip is in August when would the bounce back offer be for? Thanks!
  8. bsmartin2000

    Teppan Edo gluten free?

    Has anyone ever eaten here with allergies? Grandson has gluten and beef allergies. How accommodating do you think the restaurant would be?
  9. bsmartin2000

    Help with ADR for our last day!

    We are hoping to get Chef Mickeys Mama Melrose Whispering canyon cafe Akershus Tusker house 3 will be for breakfast so would like ideas for lunch or dinner. We are traveling with 4 under 12 and 4 adults. Any suggestions?
  10. bsmartin2000

    Transportation for early ADR?

    We are a party of 8 and we would like to make an early ADR. We are staying at Pop Century and would like to get to EPCOT or to Chef Mickeys. Will the bus transportation work ?
  11. bsmartin2000

    Gluten free snacks?

    Does anyone know where I can get a list of gluten free snacks? We have the DDP for our trip in August and my grandson is allergic to gluten and beef.
  12. bsmartin2000

    How do I modify plans on mydisneyexperience app?

    Can someone please tell me how to modify my reservations if free dining becomes available? I am afraid I will do something wrong and lose my reservations. In the past I have always called in the morning but this trip I had to book 2 rooms as 8 of us are going so it is a possible deal bee if we...
  13. bsmartin2000

    Traveling with 8 people?

    We will be a party of 8 this trip. Should I attempt adrs and fast passes with 8 or should I split up and hope to get the same times? Also I am hearing about gratuity automatically added on to large parties? Any insight greatly appreciated !
  14. bsmartin2000

    Travel agent or not?

    I have done 5 previous trips to Disney where I planned it all myself. This time we will be a party of 8 and I am nervous about planning for everyone. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of using an agent?
  15. bsmartin2000

    One day at Universal?

    Will be staying at Pop but would like to take a day and go to Universal. We have never gone to Universal. We don't drive so what would be the best way to get there? Will one day be enough to see Universal?
  16. bsmartin2000

    Tusker house for Bfast or Dinner ROL?

    I have Adrs for Tusker House at 10:45 and at 5:25. The 5:25 is the ROL package. Not sure which would have the better food. Any thoughts?
  17. bsmartin2000

    Transportation from resort to Character meal?

    I am a little concerned that I made our breakfast reservations to early. I have an 8:10 at Chef Mickeys and an 8:15 at Akershus. Will the busses be running early enough to get there on time? 58 days and counting down!
  18. bsmartin2000

    What time can you do Fast Passes?

    Tomorrow is my day 60 and I can do fast passes. What time can I start?
  19. bsmartin2000

    Early morning plans?

    I have 2 early morning adrs at 8:15 am. One is Chef Mickeys and the other is Akershus. We are staying at Pop Century. Will we able to take the bus from Pop?
  20. bsmartin2000

    Where to eat?

    I have some great ADRs but need one more. I have Ohana (2x) Akershus-Chef Mickeys-Tusker House-Whispering Canyon Cafe.. We have a 5 year old girl and a 9 year old boy. Any ideas?
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