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  1. Theme Park Nerdo

    Abandoned Space Ranger Spin Effects?

    I’ve noticed that the impressive swirling fog vortex effect hasn't been operating for quite a while. In fact, it appears many effects on Space Ranger Spin haven’t been working for a while, for example, the Astro Accelerator at the beginning used to rotate and in Planet Z, if you shot a nest, the...
  2. Theme Park Nerdo

    Rumor Changes to Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom

    What can we expect from the new Tomorrowland refurbishment? Talk about it in the comments below!
  3. Theme Park Nerdo

    Delta Dreamflight/Space Ranger Spin Fog Vortex

    I’ve always wondered how that interesting effect worked...
  4. Theme Park Nerdo

    The Future of Journey Into Imagination

    I think that a new Figment attraction will be announced at the D23 Expo this year, it’s been under harsh neglect and decay. What do you think the future of the Imagination Pavilion will be? Start a conversation in the comments below!
  5. Theme Park Nerdo

    Upcoming Changes to Test Track?

    On the new Epcot entrance concept art, the blue roof at the entrance of Test Track seems to be replaced with a newer more permanent entrance structure, does this mean that Test Track is about to receive some major changes in the near future? Does any insiders know what's going on here?
  6. Theme Park Nerdo

    Could Rio possibly be the main E-Ticket attraction of the Brazil Pavilion?

    Well, Disney has Fox’s IPs now, and Rio seems to be good IP to use at the parks. Go ahead and start a conversation down below!
  7. Theme Park Nerdo

    Hey there!

    Hello, my name is Theme Park Nerdo. I’m a huge rumor man, following rumors from the most talked about rumors to even the quietist and lesser known rumors! I hope I Meet some good people here!
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