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  1. UncleMike101

    Change is good.... I hope.

    Well..... DD called today and asked if we could upgrade our reservations for May. After some number crunching I agreed. We're now staying at Coronado Springs. Could someone give me an idea of what to expect? Room amenities, issues with conventions, Dining options? We've stayed at CBR and POP the...
  2. UncleMike101

    Trip Report The World at large. And small.

    We arrived on Saturday after a ten hour drive. Check in was pretty smooth, except for having to take top floor adjoining rooms instead of the ground floor that we requested, and they didn't have the crib that we requested. It didn't arrive until 11:30 PM after a couple of calls to the Front...
  3. UncleMike101

    Brown Derby Menu????

    We have Fantasmic reservations for the Brown Derby at Dinner time in two weeks. I was checking their Dinner menu yesterday and today and the only thing that shows up is the "Vacation Club Member Winemaker Dinner" menu which appears to be a Prix Fix menu. Does anyone know if the Derby has gone to...
  4. UncleMike101


    Darn... We'll all miss Mr Saget and his witty banter.. NOT!!!!! Thanks to the Staff for drop kicking his rear out of the Forum. :happy:
  5. UncleMike101

    A little encouragement

    For those with upcoming WDW trips who have been uable to snag an ADR for their favorite, special, or "Must try", dining location, don't give up. Keep trying to book a reservation. I've been trying four or five times a day, at all hours, for over a month, to get reservations for BOG for my Family...
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