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    dog friendly resorts

    which ones are they, do you need to come back to walk your dog, does maid service have any problems with them in their kennals?
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    july 4th and return to normal.

    to me july 4th is a great day to return fireworks, parades, showing our country is almost back to normal, predict at least 50%, if not more capacity,re-opening of resorts and food venues shuttered now.
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    liberty tree tavern

    ate there today for the first time in 5 or 6 years, must say was pleased by both the food quality and value.with our 10% ap discount it was about 35 dollars each for salad,rolls, all you could eat platter, dessert and beverage, imo very good bang for the buck, thoughts?
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    trams from the parking lots

    any idea when, if ever they will return?went to MK today, it was a good 15 minute walk from my car to the tandt center.why cant they board every other car, or install plexiglass dividers like the ones on the monorail we rode in today?plus do not tell me about manpower, on our walk in we saw...
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    crysal palace, single serve or all you can eat.

    ihave seen and heard conflicting reports, anyone actually been there and is it 1 menu, or does the covid menu still exist also?
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    trying to cancel 1 reservation, make another, neither app or web site working

    anyone else having this problem, trying to cancel april14 at asmusic and re-book may 19, neither will allow it.
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    buffets back cafeteria style?

    any chance they could return in this form, ie like morrisons where you go down the line plate/,plates in hand and a server behind the food line gives you what you nwant, no human contact with food.
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    upgrade from asmovies to gf

    heard that overcrowding and long waits for busses is getting people this massive upgrade, true?am going there mid=april, how can i get this?
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    rose and crown re-opening march 21?

    report from all ears.
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    how soon can you book closed resorts?

    going down april 13-14, want to book as movies, not open until march 20th i believe.
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    opening dates for now closed resorts.

    i know it has been mentioned here before, but can someone post them, and when you will be allowed to book.
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    busses from parks to downtown disney

    last week wanted to go from the studios to disney springs,, was told busses did not go there from the parks, had to go back to the resort, then to disney springs.anyone know why this is,and when or if it will change?you would think disney would, want people to disney springs as fast as possible...
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    trouble making park reservations.

    help, since re-opening i have made 6 or 7 reservations through the disney app.i currently have no active ones, yet when i try to make some for april it says i have reached my limit.tried calling, but after an hour on hold hung up, any ideas why i cannot make them? i tried on my phone and the...
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    parking at resorts for dinning

    i am fairly sure of the answer, my wifecan we leave our car there and walk/momorail to the park since we had to go through the gate and show we were legally there, or should we show the gaurd our ap passes, since we can park for free, not trying to avoid parking fees. and i are ap passholders...
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    hollywood and vine

    how does the new menu for lunch,diner work? says it costs 55 dollars for a appetizer, entree and dessert, yet also says family style, which to me means you get different meats and veggies , like libert tree tavern, what gives?
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