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  1. tl77

    Epcot's Monorail/Mickey Head Solar Field Construction?

    Any of you smart fellas know what this construction project is around the Mickey Head solar field, and why it follows along the Epcot Monorail track?
  2. tl77

    Boats still around Animal Kingdom?

    I know when AK first opened there were boats that circled around Discovery Island, and I though they were discontinued, but I noticed on the a recent Google maps image that they are still being stored at their dock behind Dinoland. Do they still use them around the park? Or is there any plan to...
  3. tl77

    Anyone know who designed the old EPCOT logos?

    Does anyone one know who designed the original EPCOT Center attraction logos? I'm wondering because they look very much like Saul Bass's iconic style, plus the original sponsor for Spaceship Earth was Bell Systems, which was soon after bought out by AT&T, and both of their logos were designed by...
  4. tl77

    Hollywood Studios Construction

    I don't know how old this photo is, but there seems to be some kind of building going up in the cast parking lot at the Hollywood Studios, anybody know what it is exactly? It's east of the Backlot Express, were the rumored Star Wars land may be going in...
  5. tl77

    Adventerland Veranda still behind tarps?

    Is the AL Veranda still behind construction walls at the moment? I was just wondering if anyone knows what they are doing with it, because I heard a rumor about it, but would rather hear some real conformation
  6. tl77

    Anybody want a Dumbo ride car?

    I found this on ebay "Dumbo The Flying Elephant Ride Car from Walt Disney World" http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dumbo-The-Flying-Elephant-Ride-Car-from-Walt-Disney-World-/221038644205?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3376ee0bed
  7. tl77

    New details on the Beauty and the Beast area

    The new issue of Disney Files Magazine has an interview with Imagineer Tim Warzecha covering everything in the Beauty and the Beast area, a lot of it was news to me so I thought I'd share it, but there's some spoiler-ish stuff ahead so anyone who want to be surprised turn back now...
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