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  1. kal1484

    Passholder Site

    Has anyone gotten into the site within the last few days? It won't let me in lately.
  2. kal1484

    EM: Home Edition Ty?

    We DVRed EM:HE and Ty's not the host, anyone know why?
  3. kal1484

    4/4 DTD Mini-Report

    I came up to Orlando to take some tests, and got done early. Had 2-3 hours to kill, so it was off to DTD. Mainly WoD and Earl of Sandwich. Here's a list of interesting things from my trip, sorry for no pics, but as I said, didn't know I'd have time to kill: 1.WoD sells Peeps 2.The pirate...
  4. kal1484

    Stressful Events in Life List

    I was wondering if anyone had a list that some psychologist made I believe that lists the top stresses in life. In HS or College I can't remember, but we had to go through the list and mark down what our stresses where, and find out our "stress level" If anyone has it, I would love it...
  5. kal1484

    Anyone live near MT. Saint Helen?

    Hey guys, I'm doing a speech on MT. Saint Helen, anyone live near there that has an "insite" or have any brochures that you could send me? I have to have visual aids, so far I have a 5th grade science project type volcano :brick: who thought a college speech would require that! Anyways...
  6. kal1484

    Something going on this weekend?

    I just tried to get Pop, and then just a Value for this weekend, and they are all booked...is something going on this weekend I don't know about?
  7. kal1484

    AP Room Rate/Booking Problems

    I was just looking at various times to visit, and price hotels with my discount. When you go to look at the dates, it only lets you put in 2005, I tried everything. Anyone else every have that problem?
  8. kal1484

    AP/Florida Cruise Discount?

    I haven't found anything on it, but does anyone know if AP or Florida Residents get discounts on Disney Cruises?
  9. kal1484

    Upload From 8MM film

    I have a lot of 8mm tapes from my old video camera (well, my dads) It bit the dust before I could upload them to my computer to put them on DVD. I was wondering if anyone knew of a product that I could put the tapes in so I could upload them to the computer. I'd rather not buy a new video camera...
  10. kal1484

    Food Network Specials-Holidays at Walt Disney World Resort

    Holidays at Walt Disney World Resort Come along as superstar Raven enjoys the holidays at Walt Disney World. From Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party to the most amazing holiday cake creations, celebrate the season at one of America’s most enchanted destinations. AIR TIMES: November 27...
  11. kal1484


    Anyone here that can recommend a good cab company?! I have to get to the airport next friday and it's gunna be cheaper to get a taxi/etc. instead of driving.
  12. kal1484

    Disney Collegiate All-Star Band

    Does anyone have any pictures of them? I searched but couldn't find any...I really wanna pic of their capes.
  13. kal1484

    21st B-day, Where to go on vacation? (non-WDW/DL)

    So, I'm turning 21 in September, where should I go on vacation for my birthday?!
  14. kal1484

    Resort Codes

    I haven't been able to find any codes for the resorts at Disneyland, any idea where/what they are?
  15. kal1484

    Atten: Disneyland Cast

    If you are a disney cast, can you e-mail me or aim me wdwprincess03 wdwprincess03@hotmail.com
  16. kal1484

    Microsoft Access

    Anyone good with this program? Need some help..
  17. kal1484

    Mirror Mirror On the Castle.....

    who is the best of them all? ME! here ya'll go pictures! give me a minute to upload..... :p :kiss:
  18. kal1484

    Rep Point Blocky Things

    I just looked at my rep points. One of the blocks is now grey, not green...what's that mean?...
  19. kal1484


    Somehow the space bar on my Sony Viao Notebook came off...I keep trying to get it back on correctly, but it won't budge....anyone know how to fix this?! :cry:
  20. kal1484

    Epcot News: Crane behind SE

    Okay, so today was a friend's b-day, joey. I wanted to surpise him to where we were going, so we went to TTC, then took the monorail to EPCOT. They were checking tickets to get on the monorail. Wasn't crowded at all, but when we got to EPCOT the lines to get in were to the ticket booths...
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