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    Rock ' n ' Rollercoaster

    Does anybody know where tower is for this attraction? I assume it's in the booth but now I am not so sure... Also does anybody know what a CM/control panel looking thing is doing at the closest end of the unload platform as you enter in the car? Skip to 3 minutes and if you pause at roughly...
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    July vs. August

    Hi all, We are looking to go to Orlando in the summer time of 2018. We have looked up the pros and cons but need to know if anybody has personal experience. We know in July flights are cheaper from Manchester but the parks are ridiculously busy (We went in July once and had to buy fast...
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    Indoor Ride Safety

    Hi I was wondering if anybody could answer my questions about what would happen during an emergency on indoor rides such as The Great Movie Ride. During a fire: What would happen during a fire in the GMR? Would the EStop be automatically activated? Would the vehicles just stop by an emergency...
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    TOT Preshow Rooms / TOT disneyland

    Hi again, Got another question about the preshow rooms. I can't remember where CM goes ect. I remember the CM scaring me at the entrance doors but I don't know what he did after that. So my questions: When the room is loaded, where does the CM go during the film? Where Is the control panel...
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    Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - Universal Studios

    Hi again, I was hoping some of you could answer, yet again, my questions. My first question starts at load. When they check the seatbelt's there is a few buttons in a column at the left and right of the seats. One flashes white and I assume that means unchecked. Then one of the TM's check the...
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    Disney seat belts

    Anybody know how the seat belts lock? I am talking about the belts on rides such as Test Track and ToT. How do they lock? How do they stop the red 'release' button being pressed? I think they lock the length of the seatbelt as well as I have heard stories about people being on ToT and if you...
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    Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

    I was wondering how they do the backwards part. From my understanding lift hills work like this; The chain dog (I think it is called that) latches on to the chain. The chain moves up and the anti-rollback device clicks in between the grooves on the track. Then once the chain reaches the top the...
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    Roller Coaster control panel

    Has anybody ever made one or know where to buy the buttons? Here's a link to what I mean: They control games such as Nolimits.
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    Test Track

    Hi I have a few questions about Test Track, I was wondering if anyone could answer them. 1) Why don't they check your seat belt at the load station instead of going up the hill to the seat belt check, is it possible to get out of the car before the seat belt check? 2) How do they keep the...
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    Cinderella's Castle

    Hello! I love wishes and I always think the way the castle lights up is so cool. But I wonder, how do they do it? The lights seem to be all the way up the castle on different levels. I then start wondering about projections that are put on the castle in the show before wishes. Where are the...
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    Saftey belts/harnesses

    Hi so I was wondering about the seatbelts on disney rides. On rides such as Test Track and Tower Of Terror. So when you load you click it in like a normal seat belt and you can undo it at the station, or until you get to seatbelt check, and then once you pass that point the seatbelt is locked...
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    Soarin' at Epcot

    So i'm back again and this time I want to know about Soarin'. So what I want to know: Can the ride return to loading area if the ride fails or power loss? How do smells and breeze work? Where does the ride get controlled? What is below the screen as there is a big dark room underneath? If...
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    ICP in UK

    Could anybody tell me what ICP is like and how the application process works, what about housing and shifts? Can you tell me about ICP and has anybody done it from UK, is it worth it?
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    Log flume rids

    Hi! What are the saftey percautions on log flumes. Things like emergency procedures and what stops the logs in the event of an emergency stop?
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    Tower Of Terror (UPDATED, PLEASE REREAD)

    Hi! I wanted to know if anyone knows what happens to the elevator after passengers unload. Thanks!
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