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  1. VaderTron

    Disney Stock

    Markets nosedive and Disney stock takes a beating. Who got out above $140? Who got out on the way down? Who got back in thinking the correction was done? Who's riding out the whole event, holding their hats and, perhaps, butts? What is the price point you would buy back in and wait for the...
  2. VaderTron

    Has Disney Pricing Increases/Atmosphere Cuts Altered YOUR FAMILIES WDW Attendance?

    Often on these boards you will hear cries and complaints whenever there is a price increase on tickets, food, hotels, DVC, parking, etc. However, many of those who frequent this site are frequent WDW attendees if not pass-holders. While those who would respond to the question posed would...
  3. VaderTron

    Online Renewal of Annual Passes - Disney's Attempt to Force Passholders to Upgrade?

    For many reasons I have enumerated elsewhere on this site, we will not be renewing our Annual Pass this year. However, just for kicks I wanted to see what the prices went up to for renewal compared to last year. I tried to look on the new "renew on your phone" feature. This is what I saw: I...
  4. VaderTron

    Besides The Edison, Maria & Enzo's/Enzo's Hideaway On Open Table!

    Just booked both Maria & Enzo's and Enzo's Hideaway for later this month on Open Table. Didn't see any announcements about it's availability, but I did a quick search and I was pleasantly surprised they were accepting reservations! Enzo's Hideaway doesn't have availability until Jan 29th, the...
  5. VaderTron

    Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor - Going Seasonal?

    I searched but didn't see this anywhere in the forums. If the moderators find a better place please move it accordingly. Thanks! My wife tried to ruin my day today by saying she heard the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor was going to seasonal operation after the end of the year. PLEASE TELL ME THAT'S...
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